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Filename WarpDrive-1.7.10-1.3.22.-.jar
Uploaded by LemADEC
Uploaded May 16, 2016
Game Version 1.7.10
Size 2.57 MB
Downloads 10,181
MD5 238114363ca59b2032e8a081e3d2d7f5
Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 7


This is the WarpDrive mod itself.

You need to delete your WarpDrive configuration folder to benefit from all the fixes!


This is a beta version by TheNumenorean & LemADEC for Minecraft 1.7.10.

There's no core mod, it's all integrated in a single jar now.

Beta means "It's mostly stable but may still murder you". There's no compatibility with any alpha version.


This version requires either ComputerCraft or OpenComputer.

EU and RF power are supported (including but not limited to IC2, Gregtech, AdvancedSolarPanel, AtomicScience, BigReactors, EnderIO, Thermal Expansion, ImmersiveEngineering).

ICBM, MFFS, Advanced Repulsion System, Advanced Solar Panels and GraviSuite are supported.



Notable changes from 1.3.21 all by LemADEC unless otherwise stated:

  • Fixed ship scanner prototype block

  • Fixed #65 better detection of lift passable blocks

  • Fixed advanced solar panel crash when jumping

  • Fixed laser mining with silk touch

  • Fixed #167 area protection support

  • Fixed target position when jumping between dimensions

  • Updated laser tree farm LUA scripts

  • Fixed mining through forcefield/hull blocks

  • Added console support for /wentity command

  • Fixed mining of asteroids stopping at bedrock

  • Updated Russian translation by YuRaNnNzZZ

  • MCWarp updater script fixed by YuRaNnNzZZ

  • Fixed obsidian in hull recipes

  • Improved tooltip langage file

  • Removed emerald from Laser lift recipe with EnderIO


  • Improved isolation block recipes to be much cheaper

  • Improved video channel synchronisation

  • Fixed Ship core missing in creative tab

  • Added AdvancedRepulsionSystems rotation support

  • Fixed potential dup bug

  • Fixed #162 StargateTech transport ring lost links

  • Fixed space world border check for ships

  • Added glass hull light level


Known issues:

  • Space world border isn't applied to players in SMP.
  • Scanner, Transporter, Beacon and Decorative blocks are 'work in progress', recipes are disabled for a reason, use at your own risk