Vlad's Food Mod

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This mod tracks your consumption of different nutrients.


This is my EPQ, so source code will be available in two years' time.


Requires: Fabric mod loader (and API), Auto config API

Optional: Mod Menu, Cloth config.


Features: (check images)

- Assigns FDC USDA nutritional values to each edible item

- Subtracts daily recommended intake and shows nutrient levels after sleeping in bed or on command

- Configurable (check config file), (other food items can be added)

- Optional delay between food intake and gaining food points

- Optionally names filled bottles with random brand from wiki

- Drink water after eating to boost digestion

- Supports nutritional values for inedible items: potions/bottled water, cake, milk



- /vfmstats : shows nutrient info

- /vfmsubtractdaily <int> : subtracts int r. daily intakes (adds if negative)

- /vfmfind5best <int> : shows 5 best for intth nutrient in nutrient info list



- Compatibility with other mods like Spice or Dehydration

- More commands

- complete this page

Feel free to change the config 


Note: I removed dependency checks so that you can easily run this mod without required dependencies or on other versions of Minecraft. If it crashes, check the dependencies. 


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