Fabric per player spawns

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||| Abandoned because in 1.18 it is already done by the game |||

Forked from LambdaCraft and updated to 1.16.5


"This mod is intended to distribute mobs evenly between all players on a fabric modloaded server."


How it works: 

  • modifies spawn logic to count chunks (and mobs in them) in a (square) radius around the player and account for chunks shared between the players
  • radius to account is based on (server) render distance (like mob caps in vanilla)
  • in the end each player has their own mob cap which applies to chunks around that player. (the most full one is applied in case of overlap)

    [This means if two players are relatively close to each other**, they can either have 70* mobs in the area between them, or 70* mobs each if no mobs are between them. Though, usually, it will be 70*•1,5**=105 mobs, as intended by vanilla.]

*default monster mobcap, can be changed

**~1 server render distance; n_chunks_loaded_by_these_playres/(SRD•2+1)²


Works with Proper Mobcap Modifier (by me)


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