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  • Added a client-side display for your current estimated challenge rating to the inventory window. This can be disabled in the client config as well as repositioned, and is intended to provide a helpful comparison when planning to take on a challenge.
  • Added config options for all world generation features.
  • Added the winch block, a manipulable redstone input block that can be used to create circuits demanding constant input or as a kind of capacitor. Interfaces with gears to power up automatically and can be locked with a repeater.
  • Added mystic mobs, which increase the maximum spell level of an inscribing table. These mobs increase by a set value and require a lengthy recharging period if any amount of that value is used. Current mystic mobs: rare marimos and rare ravens. Mystic mobs are identifiable by the portal particles they give off when fully charged.
  • Added marimo. Find moss floating in the ocean, break it, and catch the resulting moss balls in a bottle of water. The resulting bottle of moss can be dyed and named before depositing your new moss friend in any body of water, where they will happily bob about. Be sure to keep them in water or they will have a bad time!
  • Added whales and the whale dimension, which can be accessed by interacting with them. Whales are massive creatures and the first Oddity to use multiple hitbox parts (similar to the enderdragon). Interacting with a whale transports you to its stomach in the whale dimension, a 32x32x32 space unique to that whale with a pair of large portals that deposit you back at the whale's last known position (think a very large mobile spectral box with public access). These are still very WIP and do not have natural spawning settings yet as a result.
  • Added faction reputation. This allows for controlling how different groups of mobs view different players, and is affected by attacking, damaging, trading with, and healing affected mobs. Currently trading is only viable for Lim merchants (due to how trading functions in vanilla) and the only faction mobs are goblins, kobolds, and the Lim merchant. Faction-enabled mobs (and all oddities) can be grouped into their own personal factions by setting the Faction string value in their NBT data, and the initial reputation of all players with a given faction can be modified in the config files. Players will receive an alert on their action bar when their reputation with a given faction changes to a new attitude.
  • Added /faction command. This command allows for review and interaction with the faction reputation system, allowing you to add, remove, reset, or simply read a given players current reputation with a given faction.


Known Bugs

  • Challenge rating in inventory will slightly change text colour when a tooltip is being rendered
  • Whale stomach exit portals occasionally do not function, but can usually be escaped by just trying them in a different chunk in the same stomach
  • All marimo are mystic instead of just 1 in 50
  • Occasional crashes when interacting with the Lim merchant. This has already been fixed and appears to be intermittent.
  • CR indicator in inventory can prevent access to the JEI search bar.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an error in the art loot table related to wooden pillars
  • Fixed two crashing bugs related to the Dimensional Anchor spell
  • Fixed a crashing bug related to flipping coins


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