Unnatural Absorption


This mod is abandoned for 1.12. For 1.15, use my new mod, Simple Absorption.


Unnatural Absorption is a highly configurable mod adding a constant number of absorption hearts to the player. This mod is a fork of Natural Absorption by FatherToast to update the mod to 1.11 and 1.12, allowed based on this comment by FatherToast.


The absorption hearts can be used as an extra shield when natural regeneration is disabled or an extra boost in a regular world. The shield will regenerate over time, and it is not a potion effect allowing it to stack with other mods that add absorption. Additionally, the number of absorption hearts can be increased using an armor enchantment or a craftable book item.


There is a extensive config file allowing you to change the number of starting hearts, the rate the shield restores, the number of hearts lost on death, whether restoring the hearts consumes hunger, and even an option to replace armor with absorption hearts entirely. The config file has comments on every option, so check it out for a full list of options


Feel free to use this mod in a mod pack, provided to link back to this page. If using a CurseForge mod pack it will be done automatically though the mod dependencies page.