Simple Absorption

This is a simple mod giving the player absorption hearts to make a world without natural regeneration less punishing. The absorption hearts added by this mod recover using the same mechanics as vanilla hearts, but will not recover unless the health bar is full or natural regeneration is disabled. There are four different ways to get natural absorption hearts, which can be configured using a small config file in the world folder.


The first method is base hearts, which give a number of absorption hearts to all new players in the world. By default, no hearts are granted this way, but if your goal is playing without natural regeneration, it is recommended to increase this to 2 hearts (4 half hearts).


The second method is golden armor. Each piece of golden armor will grant half a heart by default, though this can be increased in the config. This is intended to give incentive to wearing golden armor, and ties into the heath boost from golden apples. Alternatively, wearing chain armor will increase "absorption efficiency" meaning absorption hearts will regenerate faster and require less hunger to regenerate.


The third method is through the absorption enchantment. This enchantment grants half a heart of absorption for each level, by default capping at 4 levels per piece, or 8 hearts total (16 half hearts). In addition, it can be applied to shields by using an anvil by default for a total maximum of 10 hearts. The enchantment is incompatible with protection types, making it a choice between protection or health boost.


The final method is the replace armor option. When enabled, each point in armor will be replaced by one half heart of absorption. In addition, armor toughness will be replaced by absorption efficiency. This option is disabled by default, if enabled its encouraged to reconsider the gold armor boost amount.


This mod is inspired by a mechanic in one of the Super Hostile maps by Vechs, and by the mod Natural Absorption by FatherToast. Unlike my previous fork of FatherToast's mod, this mod was re-coded from scratch to make it much easier to maintain while still providing the base functionality I use in my worlds. If there is a different absorption related mechanic from Natural Absorption that you miss, leave a comment and I will consider it.


Feel free to use this mod in a mod pack, provided to link back to this page. If using a CurseForge mod pack it will be done automatically though the mod dependencies page.