UniQ [Item Unifier]

2,334 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 1, 2019 Game Version: 1.7.10

UniQ helps you to get rid of duplicate resource types.

Just take copper for example. How many mods add that?


What UniQ does is simple: It modifies recipes so only one type of each resource is produced.

And it's not just crafting table recipes. A whole bunch of mod machines are supported, too.

(That means: Thermal Expansion copper from IC2 machines. Or any supported machine, actually.)


You haven't even heard the best thing: You can customize what and how to unify.

A broad range of items are unified by default. It's possible to add single items or whole sets of them.

It's also possible to edit the mod priority list: UniQ prioritizes items from those mods while unifying.

And if that's still too coarse, you can even set specific items to be max prioritized.

Also, brand new in 1.4 is the blacklist feature: Items that should be exempt from unification! (You don't want those sweet Tinkers' Construct Gravel Ores to drop Thermal Expansion Ores, do you?)


Currently, these machines / mechanics are supported:

  • Advanced Solar Panels (Molecular Transformer)
  • Applied Energistics (Grindstone)
  • Ender IO (Sag Mill, Alloy Smelter)
  • Extra Utilities (QED)
  • Forestry (Carpenter, Centrifuge, Bee Products (+ ExtraBees, MagicBees))
  • GregTech 5 Unofficial (All Machines, also disables GregTechs built-in unifier)
  • Immersive Engineering (Arc Furnace, Blast Furnace, Bottling Machine, Coke Oven, Crusher, Metal Press)
  • IndustrialCraft 2 (Macerator, Extractor, Compressor, Centrifuge, Block Cutter, Blast Furnace, Metal Former, Ore Washer, Scrapbox Drops)
  • Mekanism (Energized Smelter, Enrichment Chamber, Osmium Compressor, Combiner, Crusher, Purification Chamber, Metallurgic Infuser, Chemical Injection Chamber, Chemical Crystallizer, Precision Sawmill)
  • Minecraft (Crafting, Furnace, Chest Gen, Block Drops, Mob Drops)
  • MineFactory Reloaded (Laser Drill)
  • Not Enough Items (Recipe Viewer Integration)
  • NuclearCraft (Crusher, Hastener, Manufactory)
  • Railcraft (Blast Furnace, Coke Oven, Rock Crusher, Rolling Table)
  • Thaumcraft (Crucible)
  • Thermal Expansion (Redstone Furnace, Pulverizer, Induction Smelter, Sawmill)
  • Tinkers' Construct (Smeltery Casting)

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