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Undergarden Delight (A Farmer's Delight Add-on)


📖 About

Undergarden Delight is an add-on for Farmer's Delight that adds compatibility with The Undergarden.
It's recommended to play with JEI and Appleskin to view recipes and food stats in-game.

📖 Main Features

  • New powerful knives to fight monsters within the darkness of Undergarden... and also cut food!
  • Additional ways to obtain materials important for Farmer's Delight (clay, straw, tree bark, etc) within the Undergarden.
  • New food items ranging from simple salads to complex meals that give potion effects.
  • Alternative and more comfortable recipes for Undergarden mushroom soups.
  • New cutting board recipes for more efficient processing of various items (twistytwigs, ditchbulbs, mogmoss, etc).
  • Lightweight and compatible with most mods via forge tags.

📖 Detailed Description


  • Cloggrum Knife - The very first knife. Nothing special.
  • Frosteel Knife - Has 20% chance to slow down target for 3 seconds.
  • Utherium Knife - Deals extra damage to Rotspawn.
  • Forgotten Knife - Deals extra damage to non-boss Undergarden mobs.

Cutting Board Recipes:

  • [Knife]
  • Veil Muhsroom = 2 Brown Dye, 1 White Dye
  • Ink Mushroom= 2 Black Dye, 1 Light Gray Dye
  • Indigo Mushroom = 2 Blue Dye, 1 Light Blue Dye
  • Blood Mushroom = 2 Red Dye, 1 Pink Dye
  • Blood Mushroom Globule = 9 Red Dye, 3 Red Dye (50%)
  • Shimmerweed = 1 Straw, Shimmerpearls (1 or 2 depending on plant size)
  • Twistytwig = 2 Straw
  • Ditchbulb = 2 Ditchbulb Paste
  • Mogmoss = 2 Moss, 1 Green Dye (25%)
  • Gloomgourd Pie = 4 Gloomgourd Pie Slice
  • Gloomgourd = 4 Gloomgourd Slice
  • Dweller Meat / Steak = 2 Dweller Meat / Steak Slice, 1 Bone Meal

  • [Axe]
  • Undergarden Log/Wood = 1 Tree Bark, 1 Stripped Log/Wood (depends on wood type).
  • Undergarden Door/Trapdoor/Sign = 1 Planks (depends on wood type).

  • [Pickaxe]
  • Depthrock = 2 Depthrock Pebble, 2 Depthrock Pebble (25%)

  • [Shovel]
  • Sediment = 1 Clay Ball (25%), 1 Flint (25%)

Simple Foods

  • Shimmerpearl - gives Night Vision. Cooking ingredient.
  • Gloomgourd Slice - can be eaten or converted to seeds. Cooking ingredient.
  • Dweller Meat/Steak Slice - A cheaper counterpart of Dweller Meat/Steak in recipes. Cooking ingredient.
  • Gloomgourd Pie Slice - gives Virulent Resistance. Produced by cutting a pie on cutting board.
  • Roasted Underbean on a Stick - Why not to cook it on a campfire after all? Can be eaten by player. Leaves a stick upon consumption.
  • Underbean Salad - gives Regeneration. Recipe: Underbeans + Gloomgourd Seeds + Gloomgourd Slice + Bowl.
  • Glitterwrap - a regular food item. Recipe: Glitterkelp + Onion + Any Dweller Steak + Any Cabbage.
  • Glitterdish - gives Regeneration. Recipe: Glitterkelp + Ditchbulb + Blisterberry + Bowl.

Cooked Meals

  • Droopstew - gives Comfort and Glowing. Recipe: 3 Droopfruits + 1 Roasted Underbeans. Served on Bowl.
  • Depth Shroom Cream Soup - gives Strength, Resistance, Slow Falling and Night Vision. Recipe: Veil + Indigo + Blood + Ink Mushrooms + Any Milk . Served on Bowl.
  • Gronglunch - gives Comfort and Luck. Recipe: Gronglet + Shimmerpearl + Roasted Underbeans. Served on Bowl.
  • Baked Gwibling and Vegetables - gives Nourishment and Water Breathing. Recipe: Gloomgourd Slice + Cooked Gwibling + Onion + Tomato. Served on Bowl.
  • Mogsteak - gives Nourishment and Resistance. Recipe: Any Raw Dweller Meat + Mogmoss + Blisterberry, + Any Cabbage. Served on Bowl.

Other Changes

  • Bloody/Inky/Veil/Indigo Stew can now be cooked and stacked inside cooking pot. This also gives some exp unlike basic recipe.
  • Blisterberry can be a substitute for berries in some recipes (via forge tag).
  • Underbeans can be a substitute for vegetables in some recipes (via forge tag).

📖 Credits

Created by NoCube (YouTube). Used Programs: MCreator, Blockbench, PaintNet.
Some palettes and texture shapes were closely inspired by both required mods to better match it visually.
Screenshots were taken with Complementary Reimagined shaders.

📖 Permissions & FAQ

You are allowed to include this mod in videos and modpacks as long as download link leads to this curseforge page.
You are not allowed to reupload this mod to other websites and launchers, nor use any mod assets in other projects.
Not available for Aternos. Fabric or Bedrock ports are not planned.