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Tree Felling [Forge]


"Tree chopper, tree falling, tree felling or whatever you want to call it."

 Fabric Version available here.


 "...Just dont forget to shout "TIMBER!"" :)


Small and very lightweight mod that make trees fall like sand (or gravel) if you break one while crouching with an axe! Works on modded trees from almost any mod. Version 2.2.2+ should work on dedicated servers as well as single player worlds (and LAN worlds) and include "anti-cheese" in the form of preventing players from using torches to destroy the logs. See the changelog for more info.


Quick Guide:

1. Just find a tree or grow one from a sapling

2. Destroy a log of a tree and it will begin the "Felling Process":

Felling Process:
  • Logs above the one that triggered the process will fall like sand and may start leaf decay right away. 
  • Falling logs will NOT drop anything if they are broken before they turn into a solid block (to discourage cheesy players from abusing the mechanic).
  • A falling log will turn into a solid (normal) log when it lands on another solid block. It also means it will drop its item as normal in this state.


Quick Tip

  • Even though "torching" trees by placing a torch beneath when it begins to fall will destroy a tree without making it drop the logs, it can still be used to quickly deforest an area!


Chopping down a small tree:


 Showcase of how mod works on chopping down a large tree:



On VERY large trees:



In version 1.0:

Simple mod that allows player to chop down whole tree with an axe if he/she crouches as they do it. Only works if the broken block is of the tag "logs".




Project Vision and Goals:

1. Prevent floating logs from appearing when breaking trees. ✔️

2. Be as lightweight as possible.✔️

3. Work on all trees from all kinds of mods ✔️

4. Have a "vanilla" feel. ✔️




 - This mod has no breakpoint yet: it stops when it is done. Even if the tree in question just is a bunch of logs piled together.



- I want it to only work on real trees, that is, trees that have either been generated by the world or grown from a sapling. Currently, it just destroys "logs", so even player build structures are included.


For the specially interested programmers out there:

        - It uses recursion to go through all the neighbouring logs. No for- or while-loops!


Feel free to use this mod in modpacks, as long as it is credited (credits goes to Knightmere).

If you have want to use this mod to other things, feel free to ask for permission, I will probably grant it :).




 Q: What does the word "felling" mean?

         A: "Felling" is the process of cutting down trees and an element of the task "logging". A person that cuts down trees is called a "feller". More info here if you are very interested.

 Q: Does this mod work with other mods?

         A: It should, as long as the log you break is tagged as log and your tool is extending the AxeItem class (programming stuff). For normal people, this usually just means the block needs to be a log and you have to use an axe! Simple as that! And of course dont forget to crouch...!


 Q: What is the difference between the versions of this mod?

        A: Read the description or mod changelog.


 Q: Will you backport it to older versions?

       A: I have no plans for this yet, but maybe, if I get time and the mod is popular enough. Older versions already have many similar mods, so you may probably find something similar in the meanwhile.


 Q: Fabric version?

       A: Here


 Q: Why goes credit to Knightmere and not you?

         A: Knightmere is the name of my minecraft account and steam-account (yea I have mods in the steam-workshop, mostly for TW:R2). CurseForge doesn't allow profile management at this time, so I cannot change name or profile picture. I did so on twitch, which bugged out my CurseForge account, and that is why I have no profile pic as of now :(


 Q: Ingame, the mod says it was made by Knightmere and Astade Weeken, what happened to the latter?

         A: Who knows? :)


 Q: Where do I post bug reports?

         A: You can use the comment section, but there is an "Issues" page if you click on "Pages" beside "Files" and "Description" and such.


Q: Does this mod work in worlds created without the mod? 

         A: As this mod doesn't add any new blocks or items, it will work just fine if you add the mod later. It will also not damage a world if you decide to remove the mod after using it for a while. So you can try the mod out on whatever world you want, and remove it later if you don't like it! :)


Q: Can I make a port of the mod to other versions of Minecraft and/or mod-environments?

        A: Maybe. Send me a dm and we may talk about it. 


Q: I would like to make a fork of the mod, is that possible?

        A: No, the project is All Rights Reserved. However, if you want to improve the mod with more features and stuff, feel free to send me a dm and we may come to some kind of agreement. After all, I would love to see the mod grow! 


Q: Config options?

      A: I may (very big may) add something in the future. However, if you believe you can add some useful config yourself, feel free to send me a dm and we may come to some kind of agreement.

Definitely feel free to share feedback and ideas as well!