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Feudal Weaponry [Fabric]

 This particular project for Fabric is very bugged. Concider yourself warned. Forge version should be bug-free.



Forge Version: here

Biggest difference is that forge version should be bug free, but it doesn't have the reach attribute. However, it has lots of shields!



Adds a wide variety of medieval themed weapons to minecraft 1.16.4 fabric. May require fabric API. Inspired by Spartan Weaponry. I made this mod partly because I couldn't find Spartan Weaponry for fabric. This is my first minecraft mod.


This is an early version of the mod, I may or may not add more features to it in the future or create submods of this. If you have an idea for new feature or improvements or simple bug report, please feel free to tell me. Any feedback is greatly appriciated.



- Fabric API for minecraft 1.16.4.



      - Does have incopatibility issues with some mods, leading to crashes if not initialized properly, but you are of course free to test it out however you like! 



I am a programming student, and did this on my  spare time. I earn nothing from this project, but wanted to share my work with the community and gain some feedback. I may or may not have time to do too many changes.


Thanks for your understanding!


Disclaimer: Comments have been disabled as the mod is no longer being worked on.