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TooManyOrigins is an addon to the Origins mod that aims to expand the origin roster with origins loosely inspired by the base origins.


While they are only designed around themselves and the base mod's origins, they are designed to be playable in most Origins mod settings, feel free to mix and match with datapacks, addons, whatever.


You are absolutely free to modify the origins of the mod to your heart's content. Apugli is extremely open to customization and almost everything is able to be modified by datapacks.


It is available for both Origins (Fabric) (also compatible with Quilt), and it's unofficial Forge port, Origins (Forge).


Any feedback or bug reports should be posted either inside my Discord Server or on the GitHub Issues Page.

Featuring SIX new origins...

Dragonborn Origin BannerHare Origin BannerHiss-kin Origin BannerSwarm Origin BannerUndead Origin BannerWithered Origin Banner

More in depth Origin descriptions can be found through this page.



Click on your respective modloader icon to be led to a download page that only contains files for your modloader.

Make sure that you download the correct type of file, if you want the origins as they're stated above, download the latest release, if you want the rework betas mentioned below, download the latest beta.


1.0.0 and later contain total reworks of the content present in 0.x.x. They are currently in beta, with 5/6 origins available for playtesting. This will become the main supported release once they are considered complete.

These are marked as betas whereas the release files contain the origins as they have been for the past two years.

To get the origin(s) as they were prior to 1.0.0, you are able to apply a datapack found in the world creation screen or here.


The reworked origins can be viewed here as CurseForge is unable to display dropdown menus properly.