Tokenable Furnaces and Storage

3,709 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 16, 2021 Game Version: 1.17.1

Tokenable Furnaces and Storage is designed to feel familiar to anyone who has played with Iron Chests, or Expanded Storage but also attempts to keep itself relatively close to Vanilla standards. 



Fabric API






Tabbed Storage Interface!


More info:

All Netherite upgrades are blast resistant equal to Obsidian, as well as fireproof.

Netherite and Amethyst are mutually exclusive. 

Bundles are +1 stack per tier instead of 2x previous tier.

Hopper upgrade tiers can be configured to move more items per tick, multiplied by the tier.

Furnaces can be configured to increase fuel efficiency in addition to speed.


 !Vanilla Bundles are not craftable in 1.17

Vanilla Bundles are now craftable in this mod using the Snapshot recipe.


This mod was commissioned on Fiverr by karigane564. If you would like to commission a mod, send me an email at


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