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This is a small Minecraft Forge mod that provides some utilities for explosions.

TNTUtils can be installed on a server without the clients requiring it.

Do note that custom explosions from other mods may or may not be affected by this mod.

Current features:

  • Change the size of explosions or disable them entirely
  • Disable TNT explosions
  • Prevent TNT from chain-reacting
  • A "/explosion" command
  • Modify the chance that a destroyed block will drop as an item
  • Change resistances of individual blocks
  • Prevent explosions from destroying
    • tile entities or
    • any specified block or
    • any blocks except for whitelisted blocks or
    • any blocks at all
  • Prevent explosions from damaging
    • players or
    • animals and mobs or
    • items on the ground or
    • any entities at all
  • Prevent Creepers from destroying blocks ("environmentally friendly creepers")

The features are fully configurable.

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