TNT Yeeter Mod


TNT Yeeter Mod

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Literally adds a TNT Yeeter mob that throws TNT at you.
This mod was inspired by a Reddit post by u/6ranolabar

💣 What does this mod do?

This mod adds an entity called the TNT Yeeter. You can spawn it with a spawn egg or with the summon command. It’s a planned feature to spawn the TNT Yeeter by building the original structure!

The TNT Yeeter attacks player and cows right now. Later on we can add some configuration options to choose what he attacks. Or if anyone has ideas, leave them in the comments!

💥 Features

  • Adds the TNT Yeeter to the game that YEETs TNT at Players and Cows.
  • Mob says YEET from different people
  • Ability to tame the TNT Yeeters and will attack whatever you attack.
  • Tamed yeeters can “sit”, or deactivate them upon right clicking them.

✨ Planned Features

  • Build the original structure to spawn a TNT Yeeter in Survival
  • Configurable option whether the tnt destroys land or not
  • Configurable option on what it targets other than cows (throws tnt at)

📼 YouTube Video

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