Terrestria (Fabric)

36,337 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 28, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

Volcanic Island

An image looking down into one of the volcanos on our Volcanic Island Biome

Rainbow Rainforest

A view into the Rainbow Rainforest from the Rainbow Rainforest Lake bime.

Snowy Hemlock Forest

Fox sleeping under the snowy hemlock tree's shade

Japanese Maple Forest

An overhead view of the Japanese Maple Forest

Sakura Forest

View of the leaves floating on the water in the Sakura Forest


An overhead view of the Caldera Lake atop our snowy peaks

Cypress Swamp

The spooky dingy undercanopy of the Cypress Swamp

Cypress Forest

Beautiful view of the Cypress Forest across a river

Dense Woodlands

View of the large oak trees' leaves aver your head walking through the Dense Woodlands

Redwood Forest

View from underneath the giant redwood trees

Lush Redwood Forest

Fox sitting under the redwood and hemlock canopy of the Lush Redwood Forest

Hemlock Rainforest

A view of the mountainous Hemlock Rainforest from a lake