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Filename TerraForged-1.15.2-0.1.0-BETA-1.jar
Uploaded by dags_
Uploaded Jun 26, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 1.21 MB
Downloads 130
MD5 c6546399a6bfa99e8d04c0530a621e54
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Java 8
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  • 1. 0.1.0 is not backwards compatible with worlds started on 0.0.14 and below
  • 2. Newer versions of the beta may break compatibility with previous versions of the beta
  • 3. Do not open github issues for anything relating to the beta. Please use #beta-discussion on discord instead

Everything in the beta is subject to change and is being made available for testing purposes and should not be considered stable for production/modpacks etc. Certain features may not yet be fully complete or functioning as intended

Headline Changes:

  • river & lake generation has been re-written to geberate better, and more, rivers more quickly
  • continent generation has been re-written & option to generate a single continent in an infinite ocean
  • dynamic feature placement to allow trees to become smaller/less dense at higher altitudes or towards biome borders
  • removed treeline in lieu of the above
  • addressed various issues to do with climate & low occurrances of biomes such as swamps, mushroom shores & deserts
  • added support for forge biome weights + config file for user control
  • added support for user-defined presets loading/saving/udpating etc
  • improvements to TF's feature loading system to give more control to datapack authors
  • generation now makes use of mountain biomes for compatibility reasons
  • added improved surface decorators for various biomes
  • added bryce, stoneforest and lake/frozenlake biomes
  • various performance and memory usage improvements