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Filename TerraForged-1.18.1-0.3.0-alpha-2.jar
Uploaded by won_ton_
Uploaded Dec 29, 2021
Game Version 1.18.1   +2
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This is the second alpha update for 1.18.1. Worlds created with ALPHA-1 may not be compatibile with this version.


In this update TerraForged's datapack is extracted to the config folder, which can then be edited to configure the generation of newly created worlds. The datapack can be found at "minecraft/config/terraforged/pack-v0" and contains many configurable aspects of world-gen (+ more to come). This includes changing the generation height which can be done by:

1) Editing the "levels" section of the file at "pack-v0\data\minecraft\dimension\overworld.json"

2) Editing the "height", "logical_height", and "min_y" values, to suit, in the file at "pack-v0\data\minecraft\dimension-type\overworld.json"

Mod Structures:

This update also includes a utility command for generating structure configuration data for mods that don't otherwise add it in a compatible way that TerraForged can use:

1) Install TerraForged and all the structure mods you intend to use

2) Create a vanilla/default world by selecting the "Default" world-type (set the gamemode to Creative to allow commands)

3) Run the command "/export structures" to generate the compatibility data (it gets added to your "minecraft/config/terraforged/pack-v0" folder)

4) Create a new TerraForged world (the structures that were successfully exported in the previous step should now generate correctly in new TerraForged worlds)

Note: Unfortunately this tool may not work for all structure mods. There's nothing more TF can do for those.


  • Extract TerraForged's world-gen datapack to config dir for easier user-configuration.
  • Added the TerraForged world-type back in (level-type=terraforged in server.properties).
  • Added tool to generate compatibility data for structure mods that don't add their structure settings correctly.

Previous Changelogs:

  • Updated to 1.18.1
  • Adopted new world height changes (currently fixed to min=-64 to max=384)
  • New terrain blending technique to provide better quality and more varied transitions between different terrain types.
  • New improved vegetation placement systems.
  • Experimental noise-cave system.
  • Improved generator performance and resource efficiency.
  • Exposed low-level world-gen components via the datapack system for greater configurability.