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Filename TerraForged-1.15.2-0.0.5.jar
Uploaded by dags_
Uploaded Mar 18, 2020
Game Version 1.15.2
Size 919.58 KB
Downloads 776
MD5 b12958a18130a9319125dc3f2ae6cbd4
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.15 Versions


User Notice:

Please back-up your previous TerraForged worlds before updating the mod


  • Obey mobSpawning=false flag during chunk-gen
  • Expose stronghold spread setting
  • Tweaked ore generation to better-match vanilla mechanics
  • Added custom sediment disks for sand, dirt, clay, gravel
  • Enabled stone blobs when strata decorator is disabled
  • Only extend feature bases downwards until a solid block is hit
  • Changed 'export' button to 'set as defaults' (ctrl+click == reset defaults)
  • Increased the default frequency of rivers
  • Added slider to control the frequency of rivers
  • Tweak structure settings defaults


  • Improved performance of settings blocks in chunks during generation
  • Optimized caching for heightmap & rivermap regions
  • Hopefully fixed some deadlock issues

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a couple more biome lookup funcs that affect stronghold placement & player spawning
  • Fixed bug where erosion decorator created ridges on chunk edges (when strata decorator is disabled)
  • Fix another case where setting terrain weight to zero would cause a crash
  • Fixed lakes generating with ocean biome
  • Added tall_birch biomes to custom trees list