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55M Downloads Updated Jul 5, 2022 Created Jun 22, 2013

Bringing bees, butterflies and more trees. as well as eco-friendly energy production and mail to...

4.8M Downloads Updated Sep 30, 2022 Created Apr 22, 2020

Get your resource fix from bees

32.4M Downloads Updated Jan 2, 2018 Created Dec 11, 2013

Adds industrial apiaries, advanced genetic manipulation and mutation (Forestry addon)

25.2M Downloads Updated Jul 18, 2022 Created Nov 16, 2014

Agricultural farming extended.

26.2M Downloads Updated Jan 5, 2020 Created Sep 16, 2013

Adds more Bee species to Forestry; provides some integration with Thaumcraft and other mods.

16.5M Downloads Updated Mar 26, 2018 Created Feb 17, 2016

Chickens mod adds... chickens. Lots of chickens!

7.7M Downloads Updated May 15, 2022 Created May 19, 2020

Resourcefulbees allows pack devs to create a dynamic number of customized bees

10.6M Downloads Updated Mar 3, 2019 Created Mar 31, 2015

This mod provides clones, or as we like to call it, “shells”. These shells are...

23.2M Downloads Updated Mar 29, 2020 Created Aug 18, 2014

Various expansions for Forestry adding new bees and trees

1.1M Downloads Updated Sep 6, 2022 Created Oct 9, 2021

Continuation of WildBamaBoy's Minecraft Comes Alive

9.3M Downloads Updated Feb 22, 2021 Created Feb 19, 2017

Animania is an immersive mod that replaces and improves the passive animals in Minecraft, adding...

4.8M Downloads Updated Aug 26, 2022 Created Aug 31, 2014

Adding dinosaurs and archeology into Minecraft!

3.4M Downloads Updated Aug 15, 2019 Created May 13, 2017

Expand your minecraft experience with various superpowers

1.4M Downloads Updated Jan 17, 2022 Created Nov 2, 2020

Adds mob cages that kill mobs for you and produce their drops!

6.7M Downloads Updated Oct 19, 2021 Created Jan 3, 2015

Jurassic Park in Minecraft!

1.1M Downloads Updated Oct 30, 2019 Created Jan 17, 2019

A genetics mod that lets you create your own superpowers

1.1M Downloads Updated Jul 28, 2022 Created Jul 29, 2019

All new cats to add a little bit of home to your minecraft world.

3.2M Downloads Updated May 3, 2022 Created Jan 10, 2017

Simple survival morphing mod for recent versions of Minecraft

176K Downloads Updated Feb 11, 2022 Created Nov 20, 2021

Adds Ducks to the Game which poop resources, Diamond Ducks, Netherite Ducks, and Etc

2.8M Downloads Updated Feb 22, 2022 Created Jun 7, 2015

Adds unicorns, pegasi, nightmares, and destriers, new horse equipment, cross-breeding, custom horses, and more!