Tan's Huge Trees

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new tree in unofficial release, disable vanilla trees by BiomeTweaker


  • Tan's Huge Trees (THT) is a structure generation mod. Spawning giant trees and nature stuffs in vanilla main biomes. Now have 49 structures in this mod
  • This mod will make your world look more fantasy without adding any new block. Only vanilla blocks be used
  • These trees isn't from coding but it's handmade structures using world edit mod, so tree will look same but will random rotation and mirror
  • These structures won't generated in spawn chunks, so increased speed of world generation in first time, and let you customize your config until let trees spawn
  • Inspired by Massive Trees, Natura, Traveler's Dream, Plant Mega Pack mod and Hordes.io
  • Created with MCreator, World Edit and Limitless Structure Blocks
  • If you get lag from these trees, I recommeded to set low render distance, set trees in setting to fast, add more RAM (at least 2GB)
  • If you want to stop fire from spread, type this command in your chat "/gamerule doFireTick false"
  • Supported to TerraForged mod, they change world terrain but biomes still with vanilla ID so my trees can spawn with them
  • You can disable vanilla trees for some biomes using BiomeTweaker mod, download config file for no vanilla trees in my discord


My Discord Server

  • Link here : Adventurer's Guild
  • Get updates
  • Report an issue
  • How to use config
  • Structures list
  • Plans
  • Download unofficial versions


How To Use Config

- Type this command in your chat to open config GUI : /THT-config
- Set rarity of trees that you want. Example : 025 in percen text field for 25% and 03000 in normal text field for 3,000 of 10,000 rarity.
- Auto send error messages to player's chat and unsaved that error
- Click save button to save your custom config to your world. It can auto-save when you open other pages
- Starting Radius is for custom what radius huge trees will start process. For example set it to 010, huge trees will start gen around 10 blocks from you. Set to 000 to temporary disable trees from start process but not affect to rarity
- Spawn Type is for swap between vanilla biomes and biome tag. Set it to 1 for make trees spawn in vanilla biomes only and set it to 2 for make trees spawn in tagged biomes. Tagged biomes is like vanilla but can spawn in modded biomes
- Export Config go to import/export page, click export button. Just copy that text to save in your device or share to your friends
- Import Config go to import/export page, paste your exported config in import text field. Click import button
- Your custom config will used in that world, but not affect to other world. So import it to other world manually.
- You may found a void text field, it's a new tree rarity. So you can type number into it or export your config before click reset button and import it again to reset those void text fields


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