Online Detector (Forge)

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Online Detector is a Mod that was made to help manage machinery and or Redstone contraptions on servers. The Mod adds a new Block Called Online Detector and an advanced version of it, that comes with a GUI in which you can choose the player you want it to be bound to. The intended use of the Mod is on servers, as the purpose of the Online Detector Block is to output a Redstone signal while the Player its bound to is online.

The Forge version of this Mod, does not have any dependencies.

The Fabric version of this Mod can be downloaded [here]


Q: Can I use this Mod in my Modpack
A: Yes absolutely! Feel free to use my Mods in your Modpacks.

Q: Can you update the Mod to version [x]
A: I always try to keep my Mods up to date, so if there hasn't been an update it simply means I haven't had time to work on it!

Q: Can you backport the Mod to version [x]
A: No I will not backport my Mods, old versions are versions of the past and I wont go out of my way to support them!


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