Survival Overhaul [ABANDONED]

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This project is abandoned. I might consider picking it up again at some point, but this served more as a small learning experience for myself in mod making. If you wanna port it yourself to future versions, please feel free to. However, I won't be updating it myself any further.

If you're looking for a mod that I think pulls off the temperature mechanic much better and is updated for modern versions, please check out the excellent Cold Sweat by Momo Studios!

Do you feel like your Minecraft world isn't working against you enough? Are you tired of walking through a frozen tundra butt-naked like it's nothing? Do you enjoy the temperature system of the original Tough As Nails?

Heavily inspired by the likes of Tough As Nails, Survive, and SimpleDifficulty, Survival Overhaul currently only introduces two things: the first of which being a temperature system. Complete with a JSON-configurable block-based heating/cooling system, with individual settings for different block states, and an array of config options so you can tailor your experience to the way you like it.

The second thing it introduces is the illustrious heart fruit-- a rare, very valuable fruit found in certain loot chests all around the world, that increases your maximum health when you eat it. However, when you die, you lose any additional maximum HP you might have gained from eating heart fruits (configurable).

Recommended Companions:

  • Campfire Overhaul - Makes campfires go out over time, requiring you to refuel them.
  • Serene Seasons - This mod is fully integrated with Serene Seasons, making winters extra cold and summers extra warm!
  • Realistic Torches - Torches aren't forever anymore! You need to keep them lit through flint and steel or matchboxes, or by using other, more permanent light sources.


  • Heat resistance potion and cold resistance potion are currently uncraftable.
  • Thermometers do not work on servers.


  • "Can you port this to Fabric/1.15?" - I don't have any plans for a port to the Fabric toolchain or 1.15-- however, if you have the skills and knowledge on how to do so, check out the source code and feel free to take a crack at it! This mod is open source for a reason.
  • "Can you add a thirst system?" - I'll be honest, I'm not too big on thirst systems in Minecraft. So adding in a thirst system isn't exactly my top priority at the moment.
  • "Can I contribute to this project?" - Sure! If you've got the knowledge and knowhow, feel free to shoot me a message. I'm aware I'm not the best coder, so if you are so inclined, please reach out to me.
  • "Can I use this in a modpack?" - Of course! Just be sure to credit me.

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