Campfire Overhaul

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For comfy nightstands out in the wilderness.


What this mod does is turning a campfire from a expensive, slow and pretty much useless 4-slot smoker into an actual utility with some new mechanics, recipes and overall increased immersion.


- New recipe for both types of campfires

Now both normal and soul campfires can be crafted from 2 logs(or 1 log and 1 soul soil/sand for soul campfire) and 2 sticks in 2x2 grid, making it useful while exploring without crafting bench.

New campfire recipes

You can burn logs into charcoal, make torches from sticks, dry back wet sponges and make bricks out of clay. It's slower than in a furnace, but you can make 4 at a time!

Campfire is created unlit (configurable)

Both types of campfire are now created unlit. You may light them up vanilla-style: by flint&steel, flaming arrrows, fire charges etc., or... 

New ways to light up a campfire (configurable)

You have an alternative of using two flints in both hands (main- and offhand) and right-clicking on a campfire which have a chance to light it up! By default, it has a 1/3 probability to be successful, however, you may configure the chance or disable this mechanic altogether. Note: it works only on campfires, you can't ignite blocks with it.

Campfire life time (configurable)

Campfires now actually have a life time, and when they consume all their fuel, they die out. But don't worry, you can refuel them by throwing (Q) fuel items in it! Be careful, as thrown items disappear instantly. All vanilla fuels are supported and most of the modded should be, too. By default, soul campfires have infinite lifetime, to make them a bit more unique, but that's configurable. Fuel items give same amount of time as they do in furnace, but you can set a multiplier for them, if you want fuel to last longer or shorter in campfires. You can disable this mechanic, too, but if you want a more immersive way, you may right click on campfire with Dragon's Breath(configurable) to make it last forever!
Also, you can see the remaining life time by right-clicking on a campfire with empty hand.

- Healing CampfireNo Hostiles Around Campfire, Colored Campfire Smok
e: seems compatible, tested myself
Any other mod that somehow modifies campfires: should be compatible
- Endergetic Expansion: compatible, replaces recipe of ender campfire
- Campful: compatible, replaces recipes and non-silk touch drops



Where is the config file?
Check your world folder in .minecraft/saves/, there should be a /serverconfig/ folder. It's there! If you need to make your settings work on every new world, place your config into a /defaultconfigs/ folder in your .minecraft folder.

I have the old 3x3 campfire recipe?
Check if you have other mods changing campfire recipes. If you do, check if their datapack (/datapack list) is loaded after Campfire Overhaul one. If so, /datapack disable "mod:campfire_overhaul" and then /datapack enable "mod:campfire_overhaul" after *other mod datapack*. Yeah, not the best solution, but it shouldn't be a problem most of the times.


Actually, I don't want new recipes! Bring back the 3x3 ones!
Just disable the datapack (this will also revert the 2 sticks drop) or open the mod .jar file and remove the /data/minecraft/recipes/ folder.

If you find any bugs or have a cool suggestion, be sure to make an issue on GitHub! I'll look into it!


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