Structural Relocation

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Structural Relocation is a mod which adds two teleporter blocks and a couple of items for them:


  •  Single Teleporter
    This will teleport the block ontop of it to the location set using a Selector in "single" mode.
    Single Teleport
  •  Area Teleporter
    This will teleport an adjacent area defined using a Selector in "area" mode to another area defined using a Selector in "single" mode. This single position will be the smallest position of the structure, and the rest will extend in the positive directions.
    Area Teleport
  •  Creative Generator
    A block which always outputs the max amount of Forge Energy possible per tick (2,147,483,647 FE/t)


  •  Selector
    This item has two modes: single and area.
    In single mode, you can select a single block position. When you select another block, its position will replace the previously stored position.
    In area mode, you can select two block positions to define an area. If you select another block after you've already selected the second position, then the current selection will be cleared and the new position will be the first position.

    In general, when using the Selector you can right click a block to select the block on the side of the block targeted. If you shift right click, then is will select the block directly targeted. You can toggle between the two modes by shift clicking in the air.
  •  Debugger
    This is an item useful for finding blocks obstructing an area teleportation destination. Simply right click the Debugger on an Area Teleporter, and if an obstruction is found while trying to teleport then holding the Debugger will highlight the problematic block in the world.


There are configs for various things within the mod allowing you to change the energy costs for teleporting, whether fluids can be teleported, and even the maximum definable area using the Selector.

If you'd like to request any features or report any bugs, then please do on my issues page.


Thanks to 8BrickDMG for all the textures!



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