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S.T.E.M - Super Transformable Energised Matter!

(Inspired by IC2's UU Matter)


This mod adds a liquid called S.T.E.M which can be created using energy and then used to create almost item or block. Various machines are used for the process, and the liquid can also be turned into solid forms for other purposes like decoration and other functional uses.

I loved being able to use UU Matter in IC2 to create almost anything from energy, however I wanted to do this with RF. That's where this mod comes in to fill the gap! It won't be made to work exactly like IC2 - it will have my own flair to it.

A Liquid Energiser, which sends massive amounts of energy through water to reduce it down to a thick, malleable and energised matter - S.T.E.M. You can then use the liquid in a Matter Creator to form the liquid into many different pre-scanned items. The items must have already been scanned in a Matter Scanner, and stored in an adjacent Scanner Storage block. The Matter Creator will need a Memory Chip with a recipe from the Scanner Storage and enough S.T.E.M and energy to operate.

To be able to successfully scan items, the mod needs to be configured for them. Recipes will be dynamically generated if all normal crafting ingredients have recipes, however base materials will need recipes configured to begin with in the recipes.csv file which can be found in the config folder.

An example entry for this file would be:


This would set the vanilla Diamond item to be crafted using 10mb of S.T.E.M fluid.

Doing this would also mean that the Diamond Block would have it's recipe automatically generated when someone tries to scan one.

There are commands which can be used to help manage the recipes while in game using /stem.

Quite a few things can for configured in this mod - most importantly how much RF is used by each machine. The defaults may not be ideal (I'll update them to what seems balanced to me later) so you mean want to change them if you're making a mod pack :)




Blusteel Compound


Blusteel Ingot


Compression Unit


Energy Input Circuit


Infusing Device


Internal Tank (Uses any glass)


Large Memory Bank



Machine Block


Machine Processor


Matter Former


Memory Bank


Memory Reader


Memory Writer


Scanning Device


Stem Exciter

Useful Items:

Configuration Wand

The configuration wand is used to rotate machines (right click) or safely pickup machines (shift right click) and retain their items, energy and fluid (Scanner Storage will also retain its data).


Memory Chip


Liquid Energiser


Matter Creator


Matter Scanner


Scanner Storage


How the machines work

Liquid Energiser:

The liquid energiser is how you produce the S.T.E.M fluid. Simple provide the machine with power and it will produce the fluid and store it inside its internal tank (as seen in the screenshot below). You can put empty buckets in the top-right slot to fill them with 1000mb of fluid. The fluid can also be piped out.


Matter Scanner:

Before you can start creating items from S.T.E.M, you'll need to tell the Matter Creator what to create! This will require scanning the item first in the Matter Scanner. For the machine to work you put the item in the left slot and a destination for the scan data. This can either be a Memory Chip in the right slot or a Scanner Storage block placed adjacent to the Matter Scanner. It will always store the data on a Memory Chip first if there is one.


Once you have your item, data destination and power, the machine will start processing. If a S.T.E.M recipe exists in the recipes.csv file, then it will use that. If one does not exist, it will attempt to generate a recipe using various different crafting recipe. If all is well, you will see something like in the screenshot below. Otherwise, the "Status" will tell you what's wrong.


Note that there are console logs for the dynamic recipe generation, so check those if you have any issues with recipes. Recipes are stored server side and then cached client side when needed. If a recipe has failed to generate previously, then it will never attempt to generate it again unless the client re-joins the world or the recipe is removed using the "/stem remove" command (it removes the recipe from all client caches).


Scanner Storage:

This block is simply a storage of scan data (S.T.E.M recipes) from the Matter Scanner. Data can be inserted automatically by placing the block next to a Matter Scanner, or manually by putting a Memory Chip with data stored in the top slot. If an empty Memory Chip is inserted, then the current selected data will be copied onto the item.

You can see in this screenshot where a Memory Chip had been put in the top slot with the Diamond data selected, and it has been stored on the chip and then placed in the bottom (output) slot.


Matter Creator:

This is where all of your hard work comes together. The Matter Creator will use your created S.T.E.M fluid and scan data to create the specified item. You can see in the GUI (below) that the fluid (which can also be piped in) is stored on the left side, with slots for filling the internal tank using buckets, and then there's two other items slots. The very center slot is where you place a Memory Chip with data stored - this tells the machine what item to create and how much it will cost. The right slot is the output for created items.


So long as the machine has a non-empty Memory Chip, at least 1mb of fluid and power, it will start producing the item on the Memory Chip. If anything is wrong, the "Status" at the bottom will say what.


Future content and features:

  • Matter Creator will be able to read items scanned in any adjacent Scanner Storage.
  • Create solid S.T.E.M blocks using a Liquid Compressor.



  • Alxnns1 - Textures


If you have any questions or would like to make any suggestions, then please feel free to comment below or pm me and I'll reply as soon as I can.