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"Poor animals! How jealously they guard their bodies…that which to us is merely an evening’s meal..."

-T. Casey Brennan 


Minecraftia is full of nutritious plants, crops and animal but you've realized you've been eating raw food your entire life. The plants have inedible dirt on them. The animals must be skinned and roasted, to provide more food for your travels. The time to start eating properly is now but with all the extra work, you realize one thing - Starvation is coming.


This mod adds in several new mechanics to Minecraft's food system, from washing crops to hanging and skinning animals. Although the idea may seem disturbing at first, there is no gore, and it just provides an extra layer to Minecraft's pre-existing system.


Processing Meat


Killing any mob that normally drops meat will now result in a carcass of that animal being dropped. The animals must be hung on a Meat hanger and skinned with a filet knife, after which they can be chopped down with a butcher's knife. To finish (and gain the cooked meat), one must construct a spit-roast (two Spit Roast Stands, two blocks away, click on with a stick) and place a skinned animal on it. After the animal finishes cooking, it will change color, too much cooking and it will be burnt. Cut off the cook animal with a butcher's knife to receive your cooked meat!


Cleaning Your Crops


Crops are notorious for coming out of the ground with dirt. The fastest way to clean them is to construct a Wash Barrel, fill it with water and right-click the crops on it. This will remove the dirt and give you a healthier meal.




The mod has three extra components to it:

  • Badcholo's Brew - Instant -2 food levels
  • Health Tracking Armor- Ability to display any food's restore values as well as player's current saturation level
  • Command:  /sa <item> [new hunger value] [new Saturation value] - allows player the ability to set food levels, as well as to transfer the levels to others (via a file created in the configs)






Every push I make to Github is automatically built with DroneIO. If you want to live on the edge of life (with potentially world crashing builds) then go here: Beta Builds Mirrored on Curse

This mod is open source, code can be found here: Source Code
We need Translators (to any other language!) please help: here !
Also: This mod may break things! Make a backup before installing. Please!


 If you make youtube video's tell me, the more videos, the merrier!


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