Stairway to Aether

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This Mod brings you what should have always been in Minecraft in the first place. Stairs. And Slabs. And Walls. And all the different Cobble and Brick variants for the currently available stone types. So what you get is a whopping amount of over 300 new building blocks.



Stone Types

The Mod addresses the following stone types:
- Stone
- Granite
- Diorite
- Andesite
- End Stone (only in 1.9.x or higher)
- Prismarine
- Red Nether Bricks (only in 1.10.x or higher)

Those Stone types receive the following Variants:
- Stone (natural + polished)
- Cobble (normal + mossy)
- Brick (normal + mossy + cracked + chiseled)


Aditionally Hardened Clay Blocks can be crafted into Timber Frame

To ensure every stone type is treated the same, the normal grey Stone now has a polished stone variant. and to fit in the polished variant certain changes were made to Recipes. Now you can simply craft Stone from Cobblestone, and smelt Stone into polished Stone, but need polished Stone to craft Stone Bricks. A detailed crafting list is found under the Recipes tab.

On top of that has every stone variant now it's own slab, stair, and wall version.
All new features can be toggled off in the config at your desire.
Make sure to load Biomes'o'Plenty before Stairway to avoid crashes and fully load all Sub-mod-Blocks


Showing all different Stone Variants and their accompanied Slab/Stair/Wall Blocks

Types Stone

Types Granite

Types Diorite

Types Andesite

Types Prismarine

End Stone
Types End Stone

Red Nether Bricks
Types Red Nether

Timber Frames
Timber Frames



All non-stone Types received crafting recipes for everything that uses Stone and Cobblestone. e.g. Furnaces, pressure plates, levers.
Cobblestone recipes only available if Block is extended in Config.

The following recipes for all Stone Types.

Mossy Cobblestone -> Stone
CobbleMoss to Stone

Mossy Bricks -> Cracked Bricks
BrickMoss to BrickCracked

Stone -> Polished Stone

Stone to Smooth

Cracked Bricks -> Bricks
BrickCracked to Brick

Bricks -> Cracked Bricks
Brick to BrickCracked

Bricks -> Mossy Bricks
Brick to BrickMoss

Cobblestone -> Mossy Cobblestone
Cobble to CobbleMoss

Polished Stone -> Bricks
Smooth to Brick

Brick Slabs -> Chiseled Bricks
BrickSlabs to BrickCarved

Deleted Recipes (if Type is extended)

Cobblestone -> Stone
Cobble to Stone

Stone -> Bricks
Stone to Brick

Timber Frame Recipes (Available for all hardened clay colors)

Basic Timber Frame
Recipe - Timber Basic

Vertical Timber Frame
Recipe - Timber Vertical

Horizontal Timber Frame
Recipe - Timber Horizontal

Diagonal Timber Frame
Recipe - Timber Diagonal A

Inverted Diagonal Timber Frame
Recipe - Timber Diagonal B

Crossed Timber Frame
Recipe - Timber Crossed

Plus Timber Frame
Recipe - Timber Plus


 Config Options

The Config has two categories: Extended Types and Allowed Blocks

With the Extended Types field you can extend each Stone type to add the new Block and Recipes. Prismarine Blocks don't have those feature since they don't behave like the rest. And Red Nether just didn't get extended.

With the Allowed Block field you control if Slabs, Stairs, and Walls should show up in the game. This option takes precedence over the Extended config and will disable the selected blocks.

Editing Timber Frames

The Timber Frame Blocks are designed to be easily changed out through Resource Packs.
Inside the models/block folder are the designs for all timber blocks. In those files you'll find the following lines:
"textures": {
        "particle": "blocks/hardened_clay_stained_black",
        "0": "blocks/hardened_clay_stained_black",
        "1": "blocks/planks_oak"
"0" handles the appearance of the block itself
"1" handles the appearance of the timber frame around the block
both can be changed independent from each other.

Caution: Changing the appearance won't change it's crafting recipe.


Big Pillars

Place 4 Pillars in a 2x2 Grid to connect them into a big pillar. Doesn't matter what pillar you use, as long as you place all with the same axis.

Gargoyles and Light Blocks

Gargoyle (currently only as Dog version) are a new type of decoration blocks. When right-clicking on it with a diamond in hand you will place the diamond in it's eyesocket and the statue will emit a Redstone signal. Fill both eyes for a full powered signal. The diamonds can be retrieved when rick-clicking on the statue with an empty hand.

The emitter block creates hard light blocks on front of him. The amount depends on the Redstone signal it receives. Hard Light blocks behave like colored glass blocks and can even colorize beacons.


You are free to put the mod in modpacks as long as you will tell me and give me credits.


Mod Reviews

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For problems with MultiMC please see here.

Timber Frame Models made with MrCrayfish's Model Creator




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