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Ever wanted to relax with a little card game after a hard day in the mines? Or lose all your potatoes on the roulette table? Then you're at the right place.


CasinoCraft adds 24 different MiniGames to Minecraft for you to enjoy.




If you have a server with a lot of players and interested in testing the mod, please tell me how it performance wise, I cannot stress test it on my own.

Minecraft 1.12 and older will not be supported anymore.



There are 2 very different Blocks to play games on. A Card table, which comes in all Wool Colors and an Arcade Machine. Both can play different games.

Upon plancement right-click with an empty hand on the block the settings GUI.

The game You want to run goes into the Module field.

Place an item in the KeyCard field to lock the activate the block. The settings GUI can only be opened again with the right KeyCard. All other items and the empty hand open the mini game instead.

If you want to enable betting place an item in the Token field. The type and size of the itemstack defines how much the player has to pay to play the game.

The Fields on the right are the Tables own inventory where it stores all its token. For the betting system to properly function it needs a base amount of token. While there is set minimum defined, one full stack of token is recommended.

Note: While all Card Table Games can collect token at the beginning, only a few have a proper betting system in place. See "MiniGames" for a list.

The Arcade setting has only a Module and KeyCard field.


Card Table Games: (with betting)

 - BlackJack

 - Baccarat

 - Acey Deucey

 - Rouge et Noir

 - Craps

 - SicBo

 - Roulette

 - Video Poker


Card Table Games:


 - TriPeak

 - FreeCell

 - Klondike

 - Spider

 - Memory

 - Mystic Square

 - Sudoku

 - Halma

 - Minesweeper


Arcade Games:

 - Tetris

 - Columns

 - MeanMinos

 - 2048

 - Sokoban

 - Snake



Mod Pack

You are free to put the mod in modpacks as long as you will tell me and give me credits.



Custom 32x Texture Pack available   here.


TerraCotta styled Arcade available   here.   Made by sp1dro.


Block Models made with MrCrayfish's Model Creator


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