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Version v01 nedds the library mod Lucky77, FOUND HERE.






Creatures of Ivalice adds Chocobos to the game.



How to use:

Simply mow down grass to find new Green Seeds. Plant them, harvest them, and feed them to wild chocobos to befriend them. Each chocobo has its own personal taste and using the right green increases the chance of taming.

Once tamed you can the following:

 - change the collar with dye

 -  add a saddle to the chocobo to ride it.

 - shift right click it to let the chocobo stay on place

 - place a nest and feed two chocobos until they are ready to mate. The Offspring will have a mixture of the parent feather colors.
















Want to know how you can support the mod and even get something cool in return? Simply click the link below.