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Version v03 nedds the library mod Lucky77, FOUND HERE.






This mod is a personal Project to test new features and improve my modded game with basic stuff. It is online mostly to force myself to keep it in good shape. It will be updated when I feel like it.


This mod offers new Ores and crops, and ways to refine them.


Seeds for crops are found by mowing down grass.

Ore drop nuggets when mined, which are throwable, doing 1 damage each.




The foundry provides you with a way to mold together different metals into an alloy, fully configurable through the config file. place a block into the upper inventory slot to move it into the internal storage. Only recognized blocks/items can be placed and will automatically broken down in its main components. A gold chestplate for example will count 8 points in gold. Coal will also be recognized and placed into a different storage. Once you have everything you can ignite it and start smelting. If you have a certain mixing (eg 20% tin, 80% copper) you will receive an alloy, otherwise it will simply mold everything into the metal that most prominent. Each smelting will also result in slag. An almagation of unsmeltable part and other impurities found in the metal. You get 1 slag for every different metal used in the smelting.




The distillery provides you with a way to burn specific items into alcohol.

To function you'll need a glass bottle, a food item, and some burn fuel.



Rope and anchor:

You can create rope from hemp. Right clicking with that rope on an anchor will place it below the anchor until you run out of rope or it reaches the ground. Ropen and Anchor are fully climbable. Destroying a block will drop all Rope blocks below them.




A new mob which functions as sheep alternative.



Craftable, small, throwable TNT.



Version v03 needs a library mod which is currently not approved and therefore the latest version is currently unusable.

















Want to know how you can support the mod and even get something cool in return? Simply click the link below.