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ssWAR is a multiplayer-based Forge mod that creates random PvP events.


Declare a War

Every 30 minutes (configurable), the server declares a war and invites players to join. You can declare a war at any time using the command /war declare. This opens a GUI where you select the players to invite and (optionally) customize teams. Servers can have multiple wars going at the same time.


Recruit for War

Players receive recruit requests and select "YES" or "NO" to accept or decline. You can also use the command /war accept or /war deny. After joining a war, players can use /war invite <player> to encourage their friends to join.

When enough players join the war, two teams are created and the preparation period begins. Players have 10 minutes (configurable) to get ready.



When the preparation timer runs out, players can begin fighting. Wars can continue even after players log out for the day.

For your convenience:

  • You are given a War Compass (can be crafted using 4 logs around a wooden sword) that tracks players. Use the compass to select a player from a GUI (sneak+use to track teammates). The compass stops working when you are within 30 blocks of your target (configurable)
  • "Keep Inventory" is enabled when you die during a war. The mod keeps Curios API, Cosmetic Armor Reworked, and Blue Skies inventories too!
  • "Friendly Fire" is prevented for your teammates.
  • You cannot sleep during a war but other players on the server can.



Ending the War

The first team that has all its players die at least once loses. Even if one player dies 100 times, as long as one teammate has not died, the war continues. However, if there is only one teammate left who has not died, and they log off, they automatically forfeit.

Players can forfeit at any time by using the command /war forfeit or /war ff. If more than half the team forfeits, the war ends.



When a server-event war ends, the winning team receives a Victory Chest with a loot table (configurable using data packs). By default, this loot includes Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Emeralds, and Diamonds (0-16 each). The reward loot table ID is sswar:gameplay/war_victory


Other commands

/war stats <player> to see win and loss history

/war list to see wars, teams, and the number of deaths for each player

/war declare [max_players] opens War GUI to invite the specified number of players

/war invite <player> invites a player to a war (only during the Recruiting phase)


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