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📖 About 📖


Sleep Tight is a very comprehensive rebalance and overhaul of the Minecraft sleeping system.

The mod's main goals are:

  • Slow down early game progression, making it so sleeping off the night isn't always a no-brainer
  • Rewards player for prioritizing their "home bed" instead of placing random beds down every night
  • Offers late game options to sleep immediately without setting your spawn point (and without associated penalties)
  • Expand the sleep system by allowing players to rest during the day
  • Adds some drawbacks and dangers to sleep such as nightmares, sleep encounters and bedbugs


Overall sleeping should feel more rewarding and balanced while still being fun and engaging at the same time with its new encounters mechanics. The mod late game should feel like vanilla but with added benefits




This mod is for everybody as its highly configurable. Just want the hammocks with no sleeping changes? You can do just that!

Additionally a pre configured EASY MODE jar is available. It only adds beneficial features while keeping nightmares as just a visual effect. changes are:

  • No sleep cooldown
  • Less nightmares and no nightmare cooldown. Nightmares dont make you wake up earlier and are just a visual effect
  • Bedbugs are rarer and can be prevented with deamer essence
  • Night bags recipe is way easier, accessible early game
  • No hunger is consumed when sleeping. Sleep benefits kick in earlier

(Download file marked with "EASY_MODE")



🌌Night Bags🌌

  • A late game item crafted with echo shards and phantom membrane
  • Serves as a temporary bed that does not set your spawn point
  • When used will immediately place the player in sleep mode on the spot
  • Upon waking up they will go back in your inventory. Perfect for camping!
  • Does not prevent Phantom spawn nor provide any benefit


  • Allow players to rest during the day
  • When laying on one you can swing back and forth by pressing "a" or "d" movement keys
  • Come in all different colors
  • Can be attached to either 2 fences with 2 blocks in between or in a 3 block space against 2 blocks


  • A disruptive mob that has a rare chance to spawn right after you sleep in a bed on high difficulties
  • Normally they ignore the player and sprint toward any bed close by
  • Once they reach a bed they will burrow in it making it unusable/"infested"
  • To solve this you'll have to use a potion of harming on the bed itself
  • Can pass through doors
  • Can also rarely spawn in the wild and will attack players when no beds are in sight

🏠Home Bed🏠

  • Sleeping at least 8 times in the same bed will mark it as your "home bed"
  • Once a bed gets marked you'll receive a new effect, Invigorated, upon waking up
  • Invigorating increases XP drop from ores and mobs for a long period of time making it a valuable reward for committing to the same bed
  • Be sure not to break or let your bed be infested as doing so will reset its home bed status
  • Sleeping even more nights on the same bed will increase the Home Bed level even further up to a max of 100
  • Home bed status can be viewed in a newly added icon in the sleep screen


  • The more consecutive nights you sleep the more likely you'll be to have a nightmare
  • This serves as a way to discourage sleeping off every night
  • Nightmares will wake you up in the middle of the night and will afflict you with a sleep cooldown longer than usual
  • Nightmares only serve as an early game threat as they can be easily prevented with Dreamer Essence
  • Dreamer essence prevents nightmares in a 5 blocks radius
  • Additionally phantoms will be attracted to Dreamer Essence and will try to break the block. This allows clever players to lure them away allowing one to not be bothered by them

🛌Sleeping Changes🛌

  • You can now lay on a bed or hammock without sleeping. This allows you to move your camera and access your inventory like normal
  • Successfully sleeping will now have a cooldown. By default this will be 5m but some events, such as sleep encounters or nightmares will inflict much harsher penalties
  • You can view your current cooldown in a newly added status bar right below your crossair when aiming or resting on a bed
  • While sleeping you will see the current time on the left corner of your screen
  • Beds will no longer violently explode when in the nether. They will instead only make a tiny blast. You can also disable the explosion entirely allowing you to sleep there
  • Villagers will close their eyes when sleeping

🧟Sleep Encounters🧟

  • Formerly known as "bad dreams" this is an old mechanic that was removed in previous versions of mc
  • When sleeping next to a dark spot you'll have a chance to get woken up by a mob that could have naturally spawned there
  • No longer are you safe to sleep in a dark cave!

    😪Sleep Benefits & Requirements😪

    The mod offers many ways to customize your sleeping experience. Here are all the options that it offers with their default behavior
  • Sleeping requires full hunger (default off)
  • Sleeping requires an XP toll (default 0)
  • Sleeping will grant a status effect (Invigorating only for home beds as explained above)
  • Heal when woken up (default on)
  • Clear all effects when woken up (default on)
  • Consumes hunger when woken up (default on)

    All these can be turned on or off individually for each bed type (bed, hammocks and sleeping bags)

The rest of the mod is equally configurable so be sure to check the configs for a more in depth explanation


💜Mod Integration💜

  • When Heartstones mod is installed sleeping next to a Heartstone owner will grant both of you a regeneration effect


Q: This mod seems tedious. I just want hammocks and my op beds back
Just turn off all the difficulty features in the configs. The mod is entirely customizable


Q: How do i get rid of bed bugs?
You'll have to account for that, hunting for them when you wake up if you hear one. Smart house construction can also help


Q: I dont like X feature, how do i change it?
Everything is extremely customizable in the mods configs. Infact mod also contains some optional features off by default


Q: Does this work for multiplayer?
Yes! Some features like nightmares will account for all the players nightmare change and a "nightmare night" will be rolled accordingly. Only the player that actually got a nightmare will be set on cooldown


Q: Does this work with X mod?
If that mod adds new beds all should work fine. If it alters the sleep mechanic try and see. If that mod adds sleeping bags probably will too but not thematically.

As for bedbugs they will be able to enter a modded bed only if its correctly been assigned as a villager point home point of interest as they all should (most mods dont do this).

If you have Sleep Warp mod note that not only its thematically incompatible but almost the entirety of the mod wont work there as bedbugs, bed encounters, nightmares and bed benefits are all events that happen when you sleep instantaneously a night and as such are able to alter the time at which you wake up which is just not possible with the way that mod works



Q: What about phantoms?

A: Phantoms are a mechanic which punishes you by making the game harder for wanting the game to be harder(??) by not sleeping. For how much I think their spawn condition is contradictory you can still deal with them. Just laying on a bed is enough or you could sleep on a hammock for no drawbacks. Furthermore you can use dream essence placed high up to lure them away making them a non threat


Q: Why does this mod nerf bed in early game?
Because being able to skip the only part of a day where mobs spawn above ground without consequences in a game built around surviving mobs seems pretty op to me. In vanilla sleeping becomes such a no brainer that you have no incentive in not doing it as soon as you can every night.


Also remember that playersSleepingPercentage gamerule exist so you can set how many players need to sleep in a sever. You dont need a mod for this!


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