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Simple Weapons for Better Combat

Simple Weapons introduces 8 new weapons designed to fit in with vanilla. Each weapon has it's own unique playstyle and aims to give the player a fresh experience with each individual weapon. This mod is balanced around the Better Combat mod, but can be used without it.





Damage: Medium

Attack Speed: Slow

Attack Range: Very High  *Better Combat Stat

*Inflicts Bleed, dealing damage over time, higher tiers inflict bleed for longer



Damage: High

Attack Speed: Slow

Attack Range: High  *Better Combat Stat

*Overpower: Every 3rd hit deals increased damage



Damage: Very High

Attack Speed: Very Slow

Attack Range: Very High  *Better Combat Stat

*Cavalry: Increases damage while mounted



Damage: Very Low

Attack Speed: Very High

Attack Range: Very Low  *Better Combat Stat

*Backstab: Increases damage and staggers unaware entities

*Deals less knockback



Damage: Medium-High

Attack Speed: Slow-Medium

Attack Range: Very Low  *Better Combat Stat

*Has lifesteal, which is based on amount of enemies hit rather than damage dealt



Damage: Low-Medium

Attack Speed: Medium-Fast

Attack Range: Medium * Better Combat Stat

*Vengeance: Increases damage based off missing health, higher tiers increase damage more

*Sharpness enchant doesn't stack with vengeance, whichever offers the highest damage will be used



Damage: Medium

Attack Speed: Medium

Attack Range: Medium * Better Combat Stat

*Crippling: Inflicts Slowness for 1s

*Armor Piercing: Increased damage to armored entities



Damage: Medium

Attack Speed: Medium

Attack Range: Medium * Better Combat Stat

*Moxie: Increases attack speed every hit


WIP Weapons:

*These weapons may not be added to the mod, nothing is final


Claws - low damage, hitting entities gives a temporary speed boost (stacks), hitting the same entity multiple times will inflict bleed

One handed


 War Axe - medium-high damage, damage bypasses shields, taking damage will increase your damage, killing entities will also increase your damage



 All effects are subject to change, if you have any ideas or thoughts then let me know!





Better Combat - all weapons make use of the animations and stats added by the better combat mod


Random Crits - scimitars and daggers have an increased chance of hitting a crit with the random crits mod installed


Simple Corinthium - adds corinthium versions of all weapons


Oreganized - adds electrum versions of all weapons


Oh The Biomes You'll Go - adds pendorite versions of all weapons


Deeper and Darker - adds warden versions of all weapons


Enlightened End - adds adamantite versions of all weapons


Twilight Forest - adds ironwood, steeleaf, knightmetal, and fiery versions of all weapons



Compat to do list:

I plan on adding compatability for every popular mod that adds a tool set.

Current to do list:

Stalwart Dungeons

Blue Skies

Aquaculture 2

Buddy Cards 

Upgraded Netherite

Forbidden and Arcanus

Majrusz's Progressive Difficulty

LieonLion's Enderite

Plus the End

Create Addons (Alloyed, Stuff & Additions)

Enderite Mod

Copper Armor & Tools


End's Phantasm

Frosted Friends

Additional Additions

Ice and Fire



If there is a mod you want me to add compat with that isn't on the list, just let me know.





Can you update to the newest version?

- Yes, but updates take time and will be done when I have time to do them


Can you downgrade to X version?

- No, 1.18.2 is the lowest supported version



- No, but it should work with Sinytra Connector


Can you add X weapon?

- No. The Claws and War Axe are the only new weapons that I plan on adding


Can you add compatability with X mod?

- Most likely yes, don't expect it to be quick though


Can you let us change the stats of the weapons?

- Abilities can be disabled through the config, while all other stats can be changed with Property Modifier


Does this work without Better Combat?

- Yes, however it may be unbalanced


Can I use this mod in my modpack?

- Yes



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