Simple Ore Generation

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As of 3.6.0/4.1.0, OreGen.json will attempt to correct any errors by regenerating itself, which means no NullPointerException crash, but if there is an error any changes you've made will be lost, so please back up your changes, until a better way is found. If updating TO 3.6.0/4.1.0+ from an older version, please remember to delete your old OreGen.json file, or it will throw a NullPointerException.


Also, if you didn't download this from CurseForge, or the Github account linked by the Source button, please don't submit any bugs. The version you've downloaded from one of those foreign mirror sites is likely very outdated.


Now back to the Info:


What is it?

Miss the old Nether Ores mod? So do I. Remember playing the Big Dig pack on the old Technic Launcher? I miss it. So in comes Simple Ore Generation to fill that gap!


Simple Ore Generation aims to be an ore overhaul, giving you more freedom to control how ores spawn in the world, as well as provide nether, and end ore spawns. By default, it emulates the old Big Dig pack, generating a ton of ore, as it's intended to be played along side tech mods where you need a ton of ore, but each ore can be tweaked individually, and on a dimensional basis too.


What does it do?
First and foremost it changes the vanilla ore spawns in the overworld, to feel more like Big Dig, and/or GregTech with larger veins. All of the generation parameters can be tweaked on a per ore basis, or even turned off all together, by editing the OreGen.json file, in the config/simpleoregen folder. The vanilla ores are completely blocked from spawning naturally, and instead are loaded in, in a custom way, so you have total control over their spawn configuration.


Ores also generate in the Nether, as well as the End, at any height. They have a higher than vanilla frequency but come with greater challenge due to their location, and optionally due to Zombie Pigmen or Endermen attacking you.


List of supported mods (Some versions may vary):

  • Advanced Rocketry

  • Applied Energestics 2

  • Embers

  • Forestry

  • Futurepack

  • Ice and Fire

  • Immersive Engineering

  • IndustrialCraft 2

  • Mekanism

  • Tech Reborn

  • **Thermal Foundation

  • Tinker's Construct

  • Thaumcraft
  • ProjectE

** Requires further player interactions than before. Check changelogs below for exact steps.




3.3.0 update:

You can adjust the spawn rates, vein sizes, and Y levels to your liking, by editing ~/configs/simpleoregen/OreGen.json or even turn certain ores off all together.∙


3.4.0 update:

Supports Apatite from Forestry (overworld only), and Uranium from IC2.

Has generic Copper, Tin, and Lead that will spawn if IC2 is installed. 

(generic Copper and Tin will spawn if Forestry is installed, as well.)


3.5.0 update:

Immersive Engineering support added, by blocking IE ores, and generating generic versions that support IE features.

Waila support: Nether ore blocks will now display on Waila, rather or not they're safe to mine, or mining them will cause pigmen to aggro. 


4.0.0 update:

Updated to Minecraft 1.12


3.6.0/4.1.0 update:

Complete code re-write.

OreGen.json now generates as the game is loading, rather than as a world is loading. (And in alphabetical order)

Added config for Emeralds  to only spawn in extreme hills biomes (Vanilla behavior)

Added config to enable (enabled by default) endermen aggro while mining in the End

Added Thermal Foundation support

Added Tech Reborn support

Added Mekanism Support

Added Tinker's Construct support.


3.7.0/4.2.0 update:

Option to have modded Nether quartz drop the vanilla nether quartz item


Advanced Rocketry/Lib Vulpes support
*Applied Energestics 2 support
Embers support
Futurepack support
Ice and Fire support

* 1.12.2 version only


Known Bugs:
Charged Certus Quartz blocks don't currently glow like the AE2 versions;


Going forward, 1.11.2 version will not receive any more updates (barring a major bug report in the coming weeks, after 3.7.0 goes live).



1. Now requires a minimum forge version of
2. Added per-biome ore generation
3. Added a config option to turn off all nether, and all end ores at once

1. "veinMultiplier" is now "veinMaximum" as that's a more descriptive "plain" name for what it does.
1a. There's now a small description of what each option does, at the top of OreGen.json
2. Now subtracts the minimum from the maximum before doing the math:


veinMinimum + ((Math.random() * veinMaximum))


so that we don't end up going over the maximum amount of ore specified, when the minimum is added back in.
3. Fixed bug with quartz/certus quartz not dropping correctly (or at all).
4. Adjusted quartz => netherQuartz recipe to use coal instead of blaze rods.
5. Added limited Thaumcraft support. (Coming in next update instead!)



Added missing smelting recipe for Magnetite
Added missing smelting recipe for Ruby
Added missing smelting recipe for Rutile (Titanium)
Added missing smelting recipe for Sapphire
Added missing smelting recipe for Zinc


Fixed broken smelting recipe for Tin


**2.3.0/3.7.1/4.2.1 downdate:


Thermal Foundation support altered.
Previously, a single config option enabled Thermal Foundation support.
Now: Simple Ore Generation ores will spawn when TF is present, if enabled, but additional steps are required to remove Thermal Foundation ores from spawning.
First, you must go to config/cofh/thermalfoundation and edit common.cfg, and change 'GenerateDefaultFiles' on line 541 to false
Then, go to config/cofh/world and rename or delete '00_minecraft.json' and '01_thermalfoundation_ores.json'

The automated feature has been removed at the request of one of the authors.
A simpler version may be coming again in the future, but that is per Thermal Foundation's author's discretion.




Added *limited Thaumcraft support

Added **ProjectE support

Added config to spawn modded ores even if no supported mod is present

Added smelting recipe for cinnabar ore => Thaumcraft quicksilver

Added Platinum ore and ingot


Fixed certus quartz ores smelting into 'nether' quartz

Fixed Quartz => Nether quartz recipe not showing up

Fixed Aluminum Ore not spawning when Futurepack is the only mod loading it.



Removed Bronze Ingot, Block and Nugget

Adjusted Zinc and Nickel ingot textures

Known Bugs:

Aspects not right/consistent on some ores, as certain ores have been overwritten by Thaumcraft automatically.

*Limited Thaumcraft support:

Replaced Quartz and Cinnabar with SimpleOreGen versions

Added aspects to all SimpleOreGen blocks and items  


Not happening: Adjusting crystal spawn  

Not happening yet: Not sure if Amber should be adjusted or not, for Thaumcraft balance reasons. Not touching yet. Will decide when Thaumcraft is fully released, and I've had time to fully play with it.


**Project E support:

Added EMC value to all items and ingots




Added certus quartz and charged certus quartz smelting recipes
Added to GitHub repo (finally!)
Added minimum and maximum for amount of veins in chunk, for more variance.
Added config to enable Vanilla Emerald Spawn emulation (COULD BE BUGGY, NEEDS MORE TESTING!)
Added "golden" as a valid mining level entry, in OreGen.json



Fixed nether and end charged certus quartz, always dropping normal certus quartz.
Fixed incorrect documentation in OreGen.json for what fields do.





How to install:

1.12.2: Requires Minecraft Forge or newer


1.11.2 and older: Not supported anymore, but try the Recommended version.


With forge installed, it's as simple as dropping into the "mods" folder and enjoying!



Moving forward, new features will be coming to 1.12.2, or newer only.



Do whatever you want. :)

All code was written, and all textures made by me (using the vanilla textures). Sooouu... It's completely open source! Anyone can feel free to download and modify and redistribute as they see fit. Source can be found here.


Want to reach me?

Want to ask a question, request a feature, submit a bug report, or just talk to me?

Have I not checked this page, the Minecraft Forum or GitHub in awhile?

Feel free to join my discord channel and say hello.



Want me to have more free time to work on modding?

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