Actually Useful Smithing Table

6,183 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 15, 2020 Game Version: 1.16.5

Find it strange that the Smithing Table is used for exactly one thing and nothing else?

Wish that "Upgrade Gear" meant more than "Upgrade Diamond to Netherite?"

Well, now it does! This mod adds the missing recipes for tools and armor from wood and leather, all the way up to diamond. Now you can feel a sense of pride and accomplishment™ as you keep one pickaxe

for your entire playthrough, and upgrade it as you go along.


What exactly does it do?

This mod allows you to follow a progressive upgrade system to take each tool from wooden -> stone -> gold -> diamond (and of course diamond -> netherite; but that was the vanilla purpose already)


Can I see?

Here's one example, but keep in mind all tools and armor can be upgraded the same way, without losing enchantments!:

Works for all tools

Got any more plans for this mod?

It would be kind of cool if you could use the smithing table like a vanilla-themed Tinker's system. I might try to figure out how to do that later. For now, it's just what you see.


Great, but how do I install this mod?

1.16.1: Install  Minecraft Forge 32.0.34 or newer; and then just drop the jar into the mods folder.


What versions are you supporting?

1.16.1, or newer, only.


Will you make a F- 

No, I have no interest in using my free time to play around with Fabric.

You're more than welcome to port it to Fabric yourself; I'll even host it on this page for everyone, if you want.


Can I use this in Modpacks?

Do whatever you want. :)


How can I talk to you?

Want to ask a question, request a feature, submit a bug report, or just talk to me?

Have I not checked this page, the Minecraft Forum or GitHub in awhile?

Feel free to join my discord channel and say hello.


Can I support you, so you can continue making cool mods?

If you'd like. I have a Patreon. There's also a donate button right here on this page.


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