14. August 2023: Port to 1.19.4 and 1.20.1 released
14. August 2023: Version 2.02.0 released Includes integration into the Antique Atlas (version >= 2.01.0)! For older versions check out harceroi's Signposts mod (1.7.10) or Rikshy's Atlas Extras (1.12).
Supports Repurposed Structures villages.
Also supporting the Waystones mod (except 1.17). Getting started in survival: Just craft a normal vanilla sign. All recipes should then be added to your recipe book over time. How to use: Chinese localization by TartaricAcid (Version 1.*) and SettingDust (Version 2.*)
Russian localization by Aqelius (Version 1.*) and lineisover (Version 2.*) Please backup your maps, report any bugs and have fun :D You may include this mod in modpacks.