Roughly Enough Items Forge (REI)

223,772 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 2, 2021 Game Version: 1.18

(Snapshot versions of REI is on the Patreon)

Clean and Customizable. An easy way to browse recipes.


Requires Cloth Config and Architectury.


NOTE: This is not an addon of Just Enough Items, this is a complete replacement to JEI.
This DOES support JEI plugins. Some mods might require REI Compatibility Workaround.


Why REI?
- Roughly Enough Items has become a well-established recipe viewing mod for Fabric.
- Roughly Enough Items has been on Forge before and has gone through massive improvements under 3 major Minecraft versions.
- The features in Roughly Enough Items is comparable to Just Enough Items. (or even offers better customizability!)

Roughly Enough Items is not a fork of Almost Enough Items anymore, we have gone through a major rewrite.


- Maven will come in the future when this version of the mod gets mature.


Recipes Exporting:

REI provides a keybind that is unbound by default that can be used to export recipes, here is an example:

Favourites / Bookmarking:

Favouriting items are possible by pressing A when hovering any items.

Advanced Search:

Search Modes
Mod: @modname

Non-case sensitive, searching via mod, for example @materialisation to search for items added by materialisation.

Tooltip: #text

Non-case sensitive, searching via tooltip, for example #protection to search for protection books.

Tags: $tag

Non-case sensitive, searching via tags, for example $logs to search for logs.

Regex: r/regex/

Case sensitive, searching via regex, for example r/(Golden )?Apple) to search for golden apples or apples.


Allowing spaces, for example "#protection iii" to search with spaces.

Or: |

Or, for example apple|$logs to search for apples or logs.


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