Roughly Enough Items Forge (REI)

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Filename RoughlyEnoughItems-Forge-5.7.1+20201101-1632.jar
Uploaded by shedaniel
Uploaded Nov 1, 2020
Game Version 1.16.4
Size 1.03 MB
Downloads 3,744
MD5 c121d1b99c2f570e644844718788cb07
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


REI v5.7.1+20201101-1632 for 1.16.2/3

Updated at 2020-11-01 16:32.
Click here for changelog
- Fix merge errors
- Fix mouse click for viewing recipes
- Favorites Dragging
- Close #423
- Bump version to 5.6.1
- Fix #418
- Allow a more specific click area handler.
- Publish to CF
- Forgot to set the project name as Forge as well
- Change archivesBaseName to include Forge for easier recognizably
- Link to the forge REI instead.
- Properly add version into the mods.toml
- Fix merge conflicts
- Fix #416
- Make screen click area a provider, and fix work stations border displayed as light.
- Forgot to format licenses
- Use Block#getName to get the fluid name, thanks Technici4n!
- Display translators.
- Fix #409 and more
- Add config gui extension
- Shadow it correctly
- Publish to bintray
- Add cloth repo
- Remove the assumption of fabric tags.
- Turn EntryStack methods turn an ImmutableList instead of ArrayList
- Keep BuiltinPlugin parity
- Make fuel work
- Made FluidSupportProvider capable in returning more than 1 fluid and fix hwyla double modid tooltip
- Improve memory usage
- Forge port
- Create FUNDING.yml
- Fix brewing potions not appearing and allow scrolling in the tabs for villager like recipe viewing screen
- Bump version to 5.2.9
- Beacon Payment category (Close #406)
- Detect a good optifabric instance, it should support Chocohead/OptiFabric
- Put the search bar to the side automatically if there is no space.
- Some Nullable and NotNull annotations
- Migrate from yarn to mojmap
- Bump version to 5.2.7 and set CurseForge release type to release.
- Tilling and Pathing (#403)
- Fix #402
- Fix not being able to move items to grid in survival.
- Some changes to partitioning search and optimisations to asFormattedText in ItemEntryStack.
- Reverse search field arrows
- Handle #399, however not fixed.
- Fix license
- Fix Build (#398)
- Fix #395
- Improve ContainerInfo to allow non-vanilla slots or custom behaviour
- Fix duplicate mod id with hwyla
- REI 5.1.0: - Improve auto crafting, now able to detect things on the grid - Introduce getResultingEntries as a replacement for getOutputEntries, it can now handle lists of lists of stacks - Caching for fluid hashing - Full fractions support for simple recipe display - Made searchFavorites defaulted false
- Limit the size
- Fix #392
- 1.16.2-pre1
- 5.x - 20w30a
- Add blocksFurtherHandling to AutoTransferHandler.Result
- Fix #385 and optimise favourites rendering
- Add output to information
- Added FocusedStackProvider api. Optimised item rendering.
- Close #322
- Rewrite composting code and add registerCategories
- Performance improvements to search filtering thanks to multithreading. Fix the drag state issue when deleting items.
- Performance improvements to search filtering and fix filtering not even working.
- Optimised craftable filter and changed some api
- Change ReturnToScreen to ReturningToScreen
- Performance Improvements
- Adds a result that will return to the actual screen on success.
- Adds convenience methods to convert from Ingredient and Lists of ItemStacks directly to equivalent EntryStacks.
- Bump version for more translations
- Custom Filtering Rules
- Optimise images and add warning screen for optifine.
- Fix #370 and changes to how screens are handled
- Fix crash on server
- Fixes REI responding to mouse clicks when it is not opened.
- Add more null checks
- Add more null checks
- Fix #368
- Fix crash with disconnecting the world.
- New Cheating Style: Grab
- Try fixing up entry tooltip duplications.
- Bump versions
- Expend the layouts by default
- Bump versions
- Fix license
- Add 4.x to workflow
- Bump to 1.16-rc1
- Add smithing recipes, close #352
- Bump version
- Rewritten Config Screen
- Fix tags in favorites, fix #349
- A
- Favourites in inventory
- Fix cf and deprecate TextTest
- Fix license
- 1.16-pre2 and translations update

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