Ring of the Miner [FABRIC]

102,285 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 9, 2022 Game Version: 1.19   +2

A simple mod that adds one item, the Ring of the Miner, which breaks non-ore blocks in an area of 11x5x11 around the player, making for easier mining.


Set Area: - sneak + right-click to set the center of the break area

No Drop Mode- right-click to break the non-ore blocks without drops OR

Standard Drop Mode - right-click with a stick in off hand to break blocks with drops


Ores in recipe:

- Gold ore is left and right (stone or deepslate)

- Ancient Debris is top and bottom middle

- Diamond is upper left and lower right (stone or deepslate)

- Emerald is lower left and upper right (stone or deepslate)


 Mod Development Discord:  https://discord.gg/j7bYbkW