Refined Machinery

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Fabric Required


For MC 1.14.1+ AbusedLib and CardinalEnergy are no longer separately needed. They are included in the mod itself


Refined Machinery is a simple tech mod made for 1.14 fabric


RM adds in a a handful of useful machines such as an energy furnace, disenchanter, quarry, as well as some power generation options. There's flight options, as well as tools and resources. There's also a handful of config options you can modify.


RM currently depends on



Cardinal Energy


Feel free to suggest features/bug reports/idea changes over on the GitHub here

How to start:

You can find a simple explanation of how some things work on the Wiki here


There's still a lot more planned for this mod, more info will be posted on the github


I Also have a discord, plz use it if you have any questions or suggestions, makes it easier for me.


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