Realistic Terrain Generation Plus


Realistic Terrain Generation Plus is a fork of RTG that adds extensive and immersive variety to forests, which vary in tree composition, height, and density. It adds on to RTG's extensive terrain variability, broad navigable rivers and lakes, soaring mountains, rolling hills, and sweeping plains.

RTG plus adds multiple versions of many basic trees, including Oak, Spruce, Birch, Acacia, and Dark Oak, in a wide variety of sizes. Larger trees are generated fractally so each tree is different. Forests vary in composition, density, and height from place to place - from only one tree to complex mixtures, from open woodland to canopy forest, and from shrub forests to soaring cathedral forest. 


USAGE: Start a new world with the "RTG" worldtype. The current version of Geographicraft is strongly recommended for increased landscape variety, but RTG+ is still great with vanilla layout.


Follow the ongoing development and read about on-the-ground play experience in my modded journal. Or join the discussion at the RTG Discord.

Bugfixes and improvements from last RTG release:

Deeper scenic lakes.
Shallower rivers.
Extra stone no longer placed at water's edge.
Smaller Roofed Forest trees to prevent generation hangs.
More irregular Mesa.
New Bryce design, better looking and traverable
New method for growing RTG trees from groups of saplings
Willow trees no longer generate with decaying leaves.
Support for all BoP biomes (a few were missing).
Support for Thaumcraft biomes.
Savanna landmarks bigger and more impressive,

Growing RTG trees: 

Saplings with no sapling adjacent to them orthogonally or diagonally will grow as vanilla trees.

Saplings where 2x2 patterns grow special vanilla trees (jungle, spruce, and dark oak) will grow those trees.

RTG trees grow from oak, birch, spruce, acacia, and dark oark saplings placed as groups within a 3x3 area with a sapling in the middle. 

With oak, birch, and spruce, The more saplings in the 3x3 area, the taller the tree. 2 adjacent oak saplings will grow something like this (there is some variability in size):

6 Oak saplings in a 2x3 area grow into:

(both size and shape can vary with larger trees)

2 adjacent birch saplings grow into something like:

While 6 within a 3x3 array grow into:

2 adjacent spruce saplings:

While 6 within a 3x3 array grow into:

There is one special exception: a pattern of 3 oak saplings forming an obtuse angle:

Grows into an RTG Swamp Willow:

Two acacia saplings:

Due to the large size of vanilla acacias, the algorithm will sometime produce a vanilla acacia

The largest acacias that RTG generates are roughly the size produced by a group of 4 saplings:

Larger groups will grow into yet bigger trees.

Two dark oak saplings together will produce one of the RTG Roofed Forest trees:

And three will produce the other:

2x2 will produce a vanilla dark oak, as mentioned above. Other sizes of dark oak sapling groups produce nothing.