Better Forests



Better Forests replaces simple and repetitive vanilla forests with constantly varying ones full of many different kinds of beautiful trees.

Sometime the trees are massive giants.

Sometimes smaller and inviting.

Sometimes stands of pure trees.

Sometimes complex mixtures.

Dense stands of trees.

And open forests you can see all the way through.

Even in the densest and grandest forest a new light tracking and planning system makes dayspawns rare.

Endless fresh scenery to explore and great backdrops for your builds.

I have many more features planned, so this is still beta, but fully usable as it stands. Planned enhancements include:

Ways to grow the trees from saplings. Compatibility with Fabric and NeoForge. Trees for Roofed Forest, Swamp, Plains, and mountain regions.

Comments and suggestions warmly welcomed!  Discord link https://discord.gg/Sq57pcmM