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Raiders adds a new mob with different classes, and a progression difficulty system. Raiders look like other minecraft players in your game. Skins are added via the config files with a players name. You will get a few default raider skins and you will have to add the rest.It supports Twitch sub whitelist. Raiders get progressively harder ever x amount of days as set in configs.  There are currently 6 classes of raiders: Normal, Brutes, Tweaker, Screamer(Witch), and Rangers. Each have their own abilities and are bent on finding you. There is a simple faction based system. Time to time friendly raiders will spawn to help you out.  Raiders can be highly customized, and is suggested that you set it up as default settings aren't tweaked to your pack.  This mod was created for Invasion modpack, but can easily fit into any pack. This mod can be paired with Epic Siege mod for more difficulty, As raiders uses ESM API.


Invasion Modpack by Darkosto


**Configs have partially been setup for the Invasion Modpack, and require you to do most of the settings for your self if you want to use it. Later versions will be updated to be more stand alone. 



Raider Classes


  • Raiders: Are your normal mobs.
  • Archers: Much like vanilla skeleton.  
  • Brutes: Bigger, Slower, and Hits hard.
  • Tweakers: These guys, care nothing for their own safety and run at you full speed. They have a very specific scream.
  • Pyromaniacs: Pyro's carry flint and steel and actively look for things to burn. Even you.
  • Screamers Witches: This is a very hard spell casting class. You will always know when you get close to screamers, as they create a fog and have a audio cue.
  • Droppers:  Friendly Raiders that will drop in from the sky. (Currently if Laser Creepers Riding Dinobots is installed they will drop with laser rifles.)
  • Child Mobs: Much like your vanilla zombies.  

Shared Skills

  • Steals from any usable inventory
  • Steals farmland
  • Can use doors




  • Mercenary Comm:  A Device used to spawn in Friendly Raiders to fight for you. It will spawn 3-7 DropPods from the sky carrying advance Dropper Class. 
  • Serum-B: Brutes were created from Substance S7-SBR3342, Also known as Serum-B. Although the substance they drop isn't as pure.  With great reward, can come great risk. 


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You may:

  • Use the mod for personal/private use
  • Include this mod within your own pack as long as due credit is given

You may NOT:

  • Re-upload the mod on another site without permission


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