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Roost Ultimate is a comprehensive expansion for Minecraft that introduces a variety of chicken breeds and enhanced breeding and resource mechanics. With this mod, you can build an advanced chicken incubator called Breeder to breed different chicken variants.


The Breeder allows you to create new chicken breeds.

Each chicken variant has own resource outputs, such as Feathers, Iron or Gold. Experiment with the Breeder to obtain the perfect chickens for your needs.


To make the most of your chickens, you can construct the Roost.
This special chicken coop offers resource production.
Chickens in the Roost not only produce typical resources like eggs and feathers but can also generate high-quality materials such as iron, gemstones, or magical items. Utilize these resources to craft powerful tools, armor, and items.


Roost Ultimate opens up a new dimension of chicken breeding and resource production in Minecraft. Immerse yourself in a world of diverse chicken breeds, experiment with breeding, and optimize your resource yield. Enjoy the challenges and rewards that this mod brings, and experience Minecraft in a whole new way. Have fun breeding and harvesting in Roost Ultimate!







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