EnviroMine for Galaxy Odyssey

821 Downloads Last Updated: May 16, 2021 Game Version: 1.7.10  

This is a fork of Funwayguy's EnviroMine for 1.7.10.

Note: This mod is primarily for my modpack, and as such will remain at 1.7.10.

What can I say about EnviroMine? It adds status bars like body temperature and hydration, and adds block physics so that you need to build support for your buildings and tunnels.

These features alone completely transform the Minecraft survival game into something that feels much more like you're surviving. But it also adds features like earthquakes and gas pockets and coal seam fires to keep you on your toes.

As a combined result of the accidental deletion of the wiki, and the complications in porting it to newer Minecraft versions, EnviroMine has been abandoned.
Funwayguy has since said you can do with this mod as you wish, so I fixed some bugs and added a couple small features.

EnviroMine is a cornerstone of my modpack, Galaxy Odyssey, and it might be my favorite Minecraft mod overall. I made these changes in service of my modpack because I love this mod; but anyone using the last official release can switch to this version with no losses.

Here's a list of changes from the official release as of this project's release:

-Changed status bar graphics
-Bugfix: Hard-Disabled version checker
-Added option to disable hard-coded physics engine halving block support strength when touching a liquid
-Bugfix: Using a cave dimension elevator no longer dupes a copy of the elevator into your hands
-Added: config option to disable permanent frostbite effects
-Added: config option to change Camel Pack, Gas Mask, and Filter capacity values
-Added: config option to reduce the fraction of air deficiency the Gas Mask restores on every update check (so you can prevent players from popping on the mask intermittently to jump back to full air)
-Added: Potion effects/Frostbite/last slept stats reset on death
-Hard Hat and Davy Lamp can be crafted from brass or aluminum brass ingots
-Re-arranged Achievement icons into rows by general category
-Changed some achievement prerequisites
-Added: Thermal Shock achievement
-Re-enabled: Keep Your Cool achievement
-Bugfix: Removed "(New Post)" menu notification
-Camel Pack and Gas Mask will not calculate capacity updates if water/air global rate multipliers are 0
-Compressed image assets for reduced file size


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