QuiverBow: Restrung

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Modification Notice

QuiverBow: Restrung is an unofficial port of QuiverBow beyond 1.7.10. Domochevsky is not affiliated with this project, any issues should be reported to this project's author using the linked issue tracker.

License Change

Until Apr 21 2021 GMT QuiverBow's source was licensed as GPL v3, on this date it relicensed to the MIT License. Until Apr 21 2021 GMT QuiverBow: Restrung's source was also licensed as GPL v3, on this date it relicensed to MIT. The use of of the GPL license was likely invalid due to Minecraft being proprietary software, and it was not desired for modpacks to be forced to use the same license. Thus Domochevsky and I agreed to change the licenses on our respective versions of QuiverBow.
Due to the change, build 0.4.0+MC1.12.2 & earlier of QuiverBow: Restrung are distributed under GPL v3.
Build 0.4.0+MC1.12.2.MIT & later are distributed under the MIT License.


Mainly ranged weaponry & tools. Most content is highly configurable via Forge's configuration system.

  • Bow With Quiver - A standard bow that shoots from an internal inventory of 256 arrows.
  • Fen Fire - Shoots glowstone blobs onto surfaces.
  • Powder Knuckles - Melee weapons that explode on hit. The modified variant is specialised for mining.
  • Coin Tossers - 2 shotguns that use gold nuggets as ammunition.
  • Nether Bellows - A netherrack fueled flamethrower.
  • and more!

If Patchouli is installed, a guide is added, named the Weaponsmith's Journal.
Since 0.4.0 Patchouli is a required dependency.

Update plans

The current priority is eliminating bugs missed during testing, reimplementing missing features, and implementing new features that tie in with vanilla content introduced after 1.7.10. Updating to the latest MC version is planned, but is not a priority at this time.

Need help or have a question?

I have a discord server with a dedicated channel for Quiverbow: Restrung.

Have an issue or a suggestion?

Create an issue on this issue tracker. Comments here are read, but only the issue tracker is checked when I'm looking for bugs to fix.


Most features of the original have been ported; the one major exception is the 3D models, most weapons currently use their sprites as their in-hand models.


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