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Spyglass adds a single command /spyglass, which can be used to:

  • dump to file:
    • registry entries
  • item group ids
  • the mod list
  • get:
    • the biome the player is in
    • the id, amount and NBT of the item in either hand

1.14's excellent command system should provide adequate documentation of the syntax through /help and tab autocomplete.


Compatible Minecraft Versions

Spyglass builds are marked with the Minecraft version they were built for, they will work for that version.

However since Spyglass depends largely on Brigadier, and only on a small portion of Minecraft, it is highly likely that a build is compatible with future versions of Minecraft,

If the latest Spyglass build does not work for the latest snapshot or release, leave a comment on this project and I will update it.

Credit for the logo goes to Lorc of game-icons.net, it is used under the terms of the CC BY 3.0 license.
The original form of the logo can be found at https://game-icons.net/1x1/lorc/spyglass.html.

The logo was modified in the following ways:

  • resized to 400x400
  • background edited to a rounded square
  • rotated by 90 degrees anticlockwise
  • exported to .png


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