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LootTweaker is an addon for CraftTweaker that allows loot tables to be tweaked with ZenScript files. The vanilla loot table system is limited to overriding existing loot tables or creating entirely new ones. LootTweaker allows you to make small or large tweaks to loot tables, without having to override the table completely.



Documentation can be found here

LootTweaker 0.0.9

0.0.9 was extremely broken, crashing any dedicated server that used any of its functionality due to an oversight on my part while trying to improve the warning and error messages.
Initially I archived it, making it unavailable for direct downloads, but still available to packs that were using it. However, I've received many requests from users for 0.0.9 because servers they are playing on use it, so I've deleted it. It's really broken, update to 0.0.10.


Important Notes:

  • Modifications made by LootTweaker are not detected by Just Enough Resources prior to 1.12. The cause of this issue is unknown, neither I nor the JER author could figure it out.
  • Only LootTweaker for 1.12 receives new features. Due to large differences in the codebase caused by the port to 1.12, I can no longer develop LootTweaker for all versions simultaneously. LootTweaker for 1.10 and 1.11 will continue to receive bugfixes however.
  • A Forge version of at least is required


Want more loot conditions/functions?

Take a look at More Loot Stuff. If the condition/function isn't already in More Loot Stuff, suggest it and I'll see what I can do.

Need help or have a question?
I have a discord server with a dedicated channel for LootTweaker. You can of course also contact me here, but I'd advise going to the discord server as you can get help there when I'm otherwise occupied.


Have a suggestion?

Create an issue here or just comment on this project.


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