18,215 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 19, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

New Update Available (19/03/2020)

Update v3.0 for 1.15.2

What is Mubble?

Expand your world with features from the Nintendo universe, and way more.

  Mubble adds over 1 000 features to your world, including decorative blocks, costumes, biomes and way more.

  This mod also features additions from the universes of Super Mario, Sonic, Celeste, Castlevania, Pokémon, Undertale and many other beloved licenses!


Official Website

Discord Server

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Mubble on the FTB Wiki

Mubble on GameBanana


  From bricks, to prismarine and quartz pavings, decoration is one of the many key words of what Mubble will bring fresh and new to your buildings.

  While playing in survival, you might also encounter brand new biomes made out of unique feelings and even more blocks to build with!

  The mod also brings a new category of items: costumes! You can equip them to change your look! And who knows? Some might have special abilities...

  Fueled by the creativity of Nintendo fans, this mod contains a lot of stuff that might seem familiar to you! In fact, many gaming franchises are represented and you can use them to build the ultimate crossover of your dreams!

Mubble Features



Autumn Oak ForestA nice little houseToads CampingGoombaScarlet ForestVirtual Googles




Pixel Art:

- Play Dash

- FutureNatePlayz

- Mayro


- Cochu (Spanish)

- FVbico (Dutch)

- ZYSTerry (Chinese)

- Sven792 (German)

- Lorrampi (Brazilian Portuguese)

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