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A mod that generate the underground world adding many layers below 0Y. You can dig your way to the Core of the planet! There are enormous cave system to explore.


Important: In order to generate planetcore world, you must select world type:Planetcore when creating a new world.


Be prepared mentally because this mod is time consuming to reach the core in survival.



Planetcore add many layers underground where you can dig all the way to the core and inside, the centercore is located at 13,000 blocks deep. Each layers are 1000 blocks deep and consist of a new rock tier with more valuable ores. You need to find the best ores in each layer and craft a better pickaxe in order to break the next rock tier.

Some important tips

You can craft some custom furnaces to smelt higher tier ores. The first furnace is crustrock furnace. Then you have steel and tungsten furnaces.

When you reach Onyx tier, you can upgrade to Onyx II by surrounding the tool with 8 painite gem. Onyx III and above need 4 Onyx of the lower tier to craft them. Example: 4 Onyx II to craft 1 Onyx III.

Tip: You can use enchantment such as efficiency and relentless to help you break the next rock tier. Relentless is a measurement of how long you take to break a block before it become indestructible. Relentless of 3 means that if your pickaxe take more than 3 seconds to break a block, the block is indestructible. I also added haste II and III potions to help you mine faster.


Underground calamities

There is a pressure effect going on in the planet where the rock close on itself. The deeper, the faster the pressure happen. You will also burn if you are too deep. You can use fire resistance to help you. I added fire resistance II and III potions which are needed to go deeper. Beware of diamond and other gem lava as they hurt you from a distance. Also beware of gas pocket! Sometimes when you destroy a rock, it explode. The deeper you are, the more frequently this happen and the explosions are bigger. This only occur in mantlerock and below.


Types of ores

You can find the normal ores and then there are compact ores and supercompact ores. Compact and supercompact drop more ores.



First, you can craft normal pickaxe like usual. Then you can craft complete pickaxes that have more durability. You need to craft a rod by placing 2 ingot or gem on top of each others then craft a pickaxe using the rod instead of a stick. This apply for all metal tools. All gems tools are like the complete pickaxe, they can only be crafted with rods except for diamond tools.


Caves and ravines
You will find large caves to explore with demons and other monsters lurking somewhere. You can find caves made of supercompact ores. I made ravines larger. Ravines will generate more or less lava randomly, but deeper they are usually filled up. Deeper ravines contain iron lava, in the core it contain core lava and deeper than that they contain onyx lava.


Goodluck reaching the core!


Cubic Chunks



GeckoLib (Version 3.0.13 to version 3.0.18)


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